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IMG_0100Hi, Sweet Friends! If you are new to the Kylie’s Corner & More Blog, my name is Kylie. I have been writing in the Bulletin for my church and my column is called, “Kylie’s Corner.” It has been almost six years now since I have been writing in the church bulletin and this is my first blog! I love inspiring people and spreading the Word of God. This blog is created to help you with anything that you may be going through. I hope God touches you through my words just like how He touched my heart. I want my blog to reach other people like you because this world needs to know God more. I am doing all of this for the Glory of God because He has blessed me with so much. He is in the spotlight now.

I hope you all enjoy the Kylie’s Corner & More blog as much as I love writing blog posts for my subscribers. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to me because I truly do want to help with whatever you are struggling with. You can contact me here.

To view all of my inspirational writings, click here. I pray that one of them inspires you and thank you so much for coming across the Kylie’s Corner & More blog!