This is for anyone with anxiety, worries, or fears. I know that it is a constant battle between you and your mind because I do have anxiety just like you. It can be difficult to live your life at times instead of worrying about everything. Let me just straight up say it,  Fear is a liar!

Those thoughts that are constantly going through your mind about how the way you look, talk, and who you are as an individual are just full of lies. You are putting yourself down all of the time and the devil is the one feeding you those things. He knows exactly what to say in order to knock you down.

I know it is easy to hide from your fears and that it feels like there is always this huge weight on top of your body. I know exactly what it feels like.

God has been teaching me to stop living my life in fear all of the time. Who cares what other people may think or say about you because, in the end, it only matters what God says to you.

If God is trying to lead you to somewhere else in your life, take that leap because He wants you to get out of your “comfort zone.”

I hope my words helped you in some way to overcome whatever you may be going through. Having anxiety and trying to live your life is hard, but I know you can conquer all of your fears. I believe in you and God will always be by your side. I will be praying for every individual who reads this.

Here are some Bible Verses that helps me cope with my anxiety. I hope it helps you too.

Be Brave. Be Fearless. Be Strong.



Do Not Be Anxious About Anything, But In Every Situation, By Prayer And Petition, With Thanksgiving, Present Your Requests To God.

-Philippians 4:6-


Fear Not, For I Am With You; Be Not Dismayed, For I Am Your God. I Will Strengthen You, Yes, I Will Help You, I Will Uphold You With My Righteous Right Hand.

-Isaiah 41:10-


Therefore, Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, For Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself. Each Day Has Enough Trouble Of Its Own.

-Matthew 6:34-


The Lord Is On My Side; I Will Not Fear.

-Psalm 118:6-


God Is Within Her, She Will Not Fail.

-Psalm 46:5-


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