I still remember the day when I first heard a Christian song on the radio. It all began when my mom was dropping off my sister and me at school, she turned on a Christian radio station called, KSBJ. The first song came on and I couldn’t believe that it was considered “Christian music.” I would always think of that genre as music people sing at church, but that was not the case for contemporary Christian songs!

Ever since that day, I was hooked on listening to songs about God and praising Him. I still love listening to this genre compared to Country and Pop songs. By listening to Christian music on the daily basis, it has helped me so much in my life and also in my faith.

With that being said, here are the ten praise and worships songs that I have found to help me over the years of my life.

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  1. Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin

“You’re a good, good father. It’s who you are, it’s who you are and I’m loved by you. It’s who I am, It’s who I am, It’s who I am” 

This song has many meanings behind it and it is one of my favorites. For instance, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I don’t have a father like everyone else in the world. Once I heard “Good, Good Father,” I instantly loved it, since I always see God as my actual Father. I am His Daughter, so this song is special to me. I hope this song touches you too when you listen to it.

2. Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. Oh, it takes me down fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine. I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away.”

Reckless Love is one of those songs where you have to listen to it every single time it comes on the radio or even Pandora! This song is so beautiful. You can really feel God’s presence when you listen to it. God loves us unconditionally. He will always leave the ninety-nine to find that one lost sheep. He will find you.

3. More Beautiful You by Johnny Diaz

“There could never be a more beautiful you. Don’t buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through. You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you.”

I believe every girl out there needs to listen to More Beautiful You. There are so many things society forces girls to do like you have to look like a model, wear revealing clothing, and put on a full face of makeup. If you struggle with this, I want you to know that you do not need to change your appearance or who you are as a person. God accepts you just the way you are, so don’t listen to those lies the world tells you. You are beautiful and you “could never be a more beautiful you.”

4. Impossible by Sidewalk Prophets

“Breath of God You bring life from death. With Your Word all of time began is possible, the impossible. Everything is possible. Watch our God do the impossible.”

This song will motivate you and make you believe that you can truly do anything you put your mind to! Nothing is impossible when God is behind the scenes working on all of the plans He has for you. When people doubt you, keep on going and have your head held high. Please don’t give in to what people say about you because I believe in you and you can do anything if you believe in yourself too.

5. The Breakup Song by Francesca Battistelli

“Fear, you don’t own me. There ain’t no room in this story and I ain’t got time for you telling me what I’m not like you know me well guess what? I know who I am. I know I’m strong and I am free. Got my own identity. So fear, you will never be welcome here.”

This is another one of my favorites since it is a unique song. If you have anxiety you should listen to it and it has helped me cope with my fears. I talk about “The Breakup Song” more in another blog post here in case you missed it.

6. Ready Set Go by Royal Tailor

“Lived so long with my eyes on me. Too deaf to hear, too blind to see. Oh, broken hearts on the city street, but I can hear that You’re calling me to Be the hope, be the light, be the love. Right now, starting right now. Oh, You put my life in motion. Your love makes me want to give my all. Ready set go.”

When you listen to Ready Set Go, it will definitely pump you up and it is actually a Christian song! God calls us to be the hope, the light, and love for others even to people we do not know. You never know what an individual may be going through, so always be kind.

7. One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture

“Higher than the mountains that I face. Stronger than the power of the grave. Constant through the trial and the change. One thing remains. This one thing remains. Your love never fails, and never gives up. It never runs out on me,”

I remember when I first heard this song. I was at a youth conference for young Catholic teens and the song stuck with me ever since. I love One Thing Remains and it is such a catchy song to sing! God’s love never fails.

8. Resurrecting by Elevation Worship

“The One who wore our sin and shame now robed in majesty. The radiance of perfect love now shines for all to see. Your name, Your name is victory. All praise will rise. To Christ, our King.”

Resurrecting is such a beautiful song! Jesus was mocked at and beaten to death. He died for our sins on the cross. Who knew that a lot could happen in only three days! He is our King.

9. Who Says by Joshua Micah

“Who says you gotta have it all figured out? Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd? Who says you gotta be like everyone else? Who says? Hold on with everything, you got it in you. Don’t stop, I can see the finish line.”

This song is perfect for those who feel like they need to plan out their entire life and figure everything out alone. You don’t have to be alone. God knows what is best for you and you don’t need to be like everyone else. It is ok to be yourself.

10. Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole

“Cause You stood right there and then You broke apart the lies. You told me I had something beautiful inside. You brought to life the part of me I thought had died. ‘Cause You stood right there until I saw me through Your eyes.”

Through Your Eyes has such a beautiful meaning behind it. We are the worst critics when it comes to ourselves. Stop believing all of those lies you tell yourself. In the end, it only matters what God thinks of you. In His eyes, you are beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed listening to these songs, I have many more that are my favorites. I also hope one of the songs touch you in a way where you feel God’s presence in them.


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