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First, ask yourself if you are prepared to go meet Jesus one day and truly think about the question. Be honest with yourself. Please take a moment to reflect on the question and what is it that makes you answer yes or no? Again, be honest and this is only for you to answer in your mind.

I have been more aware of preparing myself to see Jesus ever since my Great Uncle struggled with feeling unprepared to meet our Lord in Heaven. Leading up to this, he was in the hospital last month because his heart began to fail. My grandparents went to see him as much as they could and they were telling me how he told them that he didn’t expect this to happen to him so soon. He didn’t want to leave the Earth and his family behind. He wanted more time with everyone. I told my Grandma that it was God’s timing, so God needed to do whatever He had planned for my Great Uncle.

The thing that amazed me the most was how people could hardly understand what he was saying, but all of a sudden, he would break out saying the Hail Mary and they were able to understand him clearly. My Great Uncle knew what would be happening soon to him and it was as if he was asking for forgiveness by praying the Hail Mary. That was how he was preparing himself to see Jesus. I am proud to say that he passed away at peace with everything and I do believe he is in Heaven now watching over all of us.

The reason I believe my Great Uncle is in Heaven is that he has been through a lot of trials here on Earth. For instance, he was ill many times and even had cancer at one point. He would always persevere no matter what and he was also strong in his faith because of it. Whatever he was going through at the time. he would always put his trust in God to get him through it. I also believe that when God places us in many trials like that and we actually trust Him with everything, we will automatically go to Heaven since we went through so much pain on Earth. God always has a reason for our pain.

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Believe it or not, God has prepared a place for each and every one of us. We need to start preparing our souls to meet God because we never know when He is going to take us Home. That is why we should prepare now by praying just like how my Great Uncle did before he passed away. Prayers are powerful and it can help you with whatever you may be going through right now.

We need to lead by my Great Uncle’s example of praying consecutively through the hardships God places us in. I admired how he was finally at peace with everything and it is because of praying. He asked for God’s forgiveness and he received it.

I hope this situation touched you in some way and made you start thinking of ways to prepare yourself to meet Jesus at the Gates of Heaven. Please continue to pray for my family because we have been through so much this year of 2018; however, my family is strong and we will get through this together.


This is one of the memories I will remember when I think about my Great Uncle. For those who don’t know, he used to own a restaurant. On December 24, 2004, it snowed in Texas for the very first time in my life and I remember this memory so clearly. It was Christmas Eve and as we got out of Church, we noticed it was snowing! I was only six years old at the time and it was definitely the best Christmas ever. Anyways, after church, my family and I headed to my Great Uncles restaurant and visited with all of my cousins. I will forever cherish this memory and family will always be important to me.


When you find the time, please listen to “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong Worship.

“Who the Son sets free. Oh, is free indeed. I’m a Child of God. Yes, I am. In my Father’s House, there’s a place for me. I’m a Child of God. Yes, I am. I am chosen not forsaken. I am who You say I am. You are for me not against me. I am who You say I am.” – Hillsong Worship

God has a place waiting for you, so what are you going to do to prepare yourself for that moment? If you haven’t heard this today, I want you to know that God loves you and you are a Child of God. You are His.


7 thoughts on “God Is Preparing A Place For Us; We Should Prepare Too

  1. Hmmm convicting and very deep question I tend to ask my self frequently. I’m sorry about the passing of your Uncle, but one day you will see Him again when Jesus returns!! Will be praying for you && your family. Keep me in your prayers as well, these days the battle against my mind is intensifying along with many other things! But God has already won the battle!!!! Amen!!! Blessings!!

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    1. I do too. That’s true and I know he is in Heaven now! Thank you for all of the prayers and I will be praying for you too, Tammy. I totally understand how that feels where it is a constant battle between you and the thoughts inside your mind. Yes, He has! Blessings to you too✨

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  2. Great post! I need help and prayer in this area. I think about this a lot. I need to know that I know that I know I’m prepared.

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