Just Say It
Do not be Afraid. Do not be silent. Keep on speaking.

Life is short. Throughout my life, I have learned to never take life or the people in my life for granted; they won’t be here forever. I know it is simple to think that your loved ones will physically always be in your life. Honestly, say what you need to say and never hold back.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

We shouldn’t keep it all inside and we weren’t meant to be silent. God created us to be the light for others.  I challenge you to speak up when someone is too afraid to stand up for themselves because you might just be a blessing to their life. Before you say something to this individual, plan what you want to say in your mind. Whatever it is, just say it. Don’t hold back.

Let Your Heart Speak

No one else knows your heart except for you and God. It is impossible to give an explanation to people about the intentions you have and all of the reasons behind why you do things. It is completely ok because no one will understand why you do things the way you do. You don’t need to explain it to people, let your heart speak louder than your words.

Don't Be Afraid To Let It Out

Let it all out. It doesn’t matter if people talk bad about you or judges you for the way you do things. God is the only one who knows your heart and you should use that as an advantage. The only thing that matters the most is what God thinks about you.

Spread Kindess Like Confetti!

I believe we need more kindness in this world, so I challenge you this month to go out of your way and do something kind for someone. By doing this, it will make your heart happy! You are going to be a huge blessing to someone else and then that person may even “pay it forward.” Kindness will keep on spreading like confetti and that is our goal! The world is so much better when we are kind to one another, especially to strangers. This is something to think about.


Please listen to “Say It Now” by The Afters.

“Say it now, I hope we find a way. To say it now, don’t be afraid. To say it now, everything we’re keeping inside. Don’t wait just let your heart speak. Don’t waste another heartbeat cause we’ll never know until we let it out.” -The Afters


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