This story behind how I found Jesus is so precious to me and I am grateful that I get to share this with you all. 

Before I had a strong relationship with Him, I had to go through so much in my life to just find Him. I would hardly ever talk to Jesus and when I was younger, I didn’t like going to Church. I thought it was really boring and I used to give my mom excuses to get out of going. I was clueless about why Catholic’s do the things they do in Mass and I just didn’t get it. I wanted Mass to be important to me, but I didn’t know how. I was also broken during this time of my life because my Biological father left my life for good. No, he didn’t pass away; he stopped being a father. 

I would think that every single person who walked into my life would leave too because of me. I used to dwell on the past and I felt unworthy. My life changed forever during the Summer of 2012, when I went to a Catholic Youth Conference for a weekend called, AYC. 

Honestly, I didn’t want to go at first because I didn’t know what to expect it to be like. I thought it would be boring and I wouldn’t get anything out of it. My Mom was the one who made me go because she knew how much I needed it. She was SO right! 

There were thousands of Catholic teens praising God and everyone was on fire for Him. I thought that was such a beautiful sight to witness. My love for Christian music also began at AYC and I actually listen to it more than I do any other genre because it helps me so much! It always never fails to put me in a better mood. 

My most favorite part about that weekend was when we did Adoration on Saturday night. If you aren’t Catholic, Adoration is what is going on in that first picture above. The Priest usually walks around holding the Monstrance, which inside of it is Jesus’ body. Catholic’s call that the Eucharist. It is what you see on the white table in the picture. During this time, it was quiet and we use this time to pray to Jesus. There were tears in my eyes as I started talking to Him. I prayed so much that He would take all of my worries and fears away. I wanted Him to put all of my broken pieces back together again. I prayed for everyone in my family and for my future. I prayed that He would lead me out of all of this because I knew that there was a reason why I went through everything that I went through. I wanted to be whole again; I wanted to find my worth. I knew that there was something so much better coming my way. 

As the weekend came to a close, I went back home and I definitely had withdrawals because I felt like nothing in my life changed. I wanted to go back to that weekend and just relive it all because I didn’t want to go back to a home that caused me so much anxiety. 

I ended up going to AYC three years in a row after that and attended another youth conference in Louisiana for a few years during the Summer. 

As I kept going to AYC year after year, my relationship with Jesus kept on getting stronger. I remember one year at AYC, I heard Jesus’ voice. I haven’t told anyone this before. I was in a deep prayer and all of a sudden I heard a deep voice repeating the words, “My Child be Mine, you are My Daughter.” It was as if Jesus was reaching out His hands to me. I will never forget that moment and that is why from that day forward, I have thought of Him as my Father. Even though I don’t have a Father on earth, Jesus is my Father. I’m forever grateful that I got to experience that moment.

Jesus has definitely put all of my broken pieces back together and I know my worth because of Him. That is why my standards are so high. I will forever cherish this moment of my life. 

Here’s a few pictures from the Youth Conferences I attended: 

Here is a video from one of the years at AYC, if you are still curious about it. I can keep going on and on about this youth conference, but words won’t do it justice! I encourage you to watch the video. 

That is how I found Jesus and I hope this has inspired you in some way. You never know when you will find Jesus yourself, but the timing is always perfect. Jesus loves you so much. 


15 thoughts on “When I found Jesus

  1. Great testimony! I had first come to the Lord in ‘98. But after my mom passed in ‘99 I held on as good as possible, but fell away in spring of 2001. I think I was probably gone before then but that was when I remembered officially giving up. After many hard years I felt the Lord still being patiently waiting for me to return. I returned in late summer 2011. I haven’t been perfect since. But I remember life without Him. I don’t want to go back to that. I thank Him for not leaving me! I can’t imagine that kind of love.

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  2. Kylie, you are such an inspiration not only to me, but to millennials everywhere. You have truly opened my eyes to Catholicism and its image and impact in the religious community. You are awesome. Continue to share your beautiful testimony.

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