Choose Joy
Be Truly Glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so excited about something that is important to you so you begin to tell everyone around you what you are planning to do, but then someone tells you something that you shouldn’t do that? Has that ever happened to you? Did it make you mad to the point you didn’t want to do whatever you are passionate about anymore?

Or how about this? You have been in such a great mood all day until someone ruins it. Of course, someone is having a horrible day and the individual starts taking it out on you!  What do you do? Does this make you be in a bad mood too and you blame that person for it? This has definitely happened to me before and it is difficult to not be a bad mood, especially when someone is getting mad at you for something you didn’t do! I totally understand.

Sometimes you just need to not take the things they are saying to you seriously because they probably don’t mean it! I mean, when you’re in a bad mood, do you really mean the things you say? Probably not!

If you struggle with this and find it difficult to find joy in your life, I want you to know that you aren’t alone. It will get better.

How To Find Joy Through Difficult Times

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

Yep, don’t do it! It is much easier to let people take your joy away from you than trying to still be in a good mood! It is up to you to choose to be joyful every single day for the rest of your life or be in a terrible mood just because of someone else’s actions. Choose JOY.

Challenge Accepted!

This next week I challenge you to find one positive out of a sticky situation you are in. Trust me, there is always some sort of positive hidden in a horrible situation. In order to find it, you need to look closely and change your mindset! This challenge will help you to find the joy in everything. I am also going to accept this challenge with all of you because I am not perfect, I need to work on doing this too.

Pray For Them

Remember at the beginning of this post where I explained two different situations and one of them was about an individual taking it all out on you when they are in a bad mood? Well, maybe that person is going through something on the inside that you know nothing about. They are hurting. When someone is being mean to you for no reason, please know that you aren’t the problem. You should pray for that person, instead of getting at their level. Pray that the individual may find healing because that is exactly what they need during this time. Only God knows what they are going through, so we need to leave it all in His hands.

It isn’t your fault when someone takes everything out on you, there is always a reason behind why they are like that. I need to take my advice as well because sometimes I think that I am part of the problem, even though it really isn’t me; it’s them.

I want you to know that things will get better and there is joy coming your way! God always has a reason why He takes us through difficult situations that we can’t quite understand right now. Now, that is the problem. It is ok to be confused right now and it isn’t for you to understand. God knows what you are going through, He knows. One day you will know why He put you through all of those difficult times.


When you find the time, please listen to “Joy” by For King and Country.

“And I choose joy. Let it move you, let it move, let it move you. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of night. Oh, with You by my side, I’m stepping into the light I choose joy.”


I am fully in the Christmas Spirit, can’t you tell?! In case you missed it, I did a blog post before this one about ways you can give back this Christmas! I think this was my most favorite blog post to write because I LOVE giving back, it makes my heart so happy! You should check it out here!

'Tis The Season of Giving

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and thank you for reading. If you haven’t heard this already, God truly does love you!


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