It's Just A Number; Don't Let It Define You

I remember when I first announced my book, Kylie’s Corner to the world. I still remember the moment I noticed that the rank of my book on Amazon kept on decreasing. I literally would keep on refreshing the page about every hour because it was so exciting to me. I was so close to being in the top 100 in the Devotional category on Amazon!

This picture shows how close I was. Honestly, I was just a little too obsessed with checking the rank daily, when I first made the announcement about Kylie’s Corner. 

I am telling you this because I almost let a number define me. It isn’t just me. There are people all around the world who are constantly putting themselves down just because of one number.


Some people let the number on a scale define who they are. They begin to compare their weight to others and ask themselves, “why can’t I look like her?” Did you know that our bodies carry weight differently? For instance, a person who weighs about 130 pounds and is short for their age, looks different compared to a person who is tall and weighs the same amount as the other person. With that being said, we all have different body types and we are all unique. You should embrace it and don’t be too hard on yourself when you notice that you have either gained or lost some weight.

Then, there are college and High School students who stress out about their grades. I totally understand this! I know this Fall Semester has come to an end and if you have been struggling with your classes or have failed a class to the point you ruined your GPA, I want you to know that none of it defines who you are.  None of it does. Your GPA is only just a number and once you graduate and get a job, the grades you made on exams won’t matter anymore. Try not to be so hard on yourself when you bombed an assignment or test because that is God’s way in telling you to try harder than you did before!

Don’t let a simple statistic define who you are. It isn’t your identity; your identity is in Christ. You are a Child of God.

Obsessing over a number isn’t worth it and we should never let a silly number define us. We are so much more than that in God’s eyes! Think about that the next time you find yourself letting some number define who you are and that even goes for the number of followers/friends you have on Social Media!

You are worth it in God’s eyes, stop letting a number steal your identity.


11 thoughts on “It’s Just A Number; Don’t Let It Define You

  1. This is something that affects everyone. Even myself whom I love to think I’m very independent.

    The weight issue is one near and dear to me. I never realized the world of a “fat girl” until I met my wife. I’ve never cared about the size of a woman.. as long as she was pretty to me and had intelligence and high standards for herself, that’s all that mattered to me. But seeing how a girl with even a little weight is treated by both males and females is completely absurd. But just goes to show how people put each other down to make themselves look and feel better…

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    1. You’re right, I truly believe it’s society who places the image in young girls’ mind that they need to have an unhealthy figure. It’s even worse on social media because girls are constantly looking at pictures of other women wishing they could look like them, but little do they know, there’s people out there who edit their bodies to fit those standards that society wants us to believe. Thank you for reading!✨☺️

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