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To the one who is burnt out from 2018 and can’t go on any longer, God sees you.

To the one who has so much anxiety to the point they can barely breathe, cast all of your fears to God. Put everything in His hands.

To the one who worries about the future, take one day at a time.

To the one who lost a loved one in 2018 and is in pain, God knows exactly how you feel. His Son died for us and for all of our sins. Who knew that in just three days, He resurrected! That means joy will be coming your way this year!

To the one who is insecure about their body and/or appearance because of a comment someone made about you, you are beautiful in God’s eyes. Don’t ever change a thing about you just because someone wants you to. Do whatever makes you happy!

To the one who constantly dwells on the past and wishes they could have done something differently to change it, I know it has caused you pain. However, you need to stop looking back at your past because whatever it is has already happened. Look forward to what’s coming your way. I found this out the hard way.

God will lead you out of whatever you are in right now. You’re not alone.

God counts every single tear you have shed. It’s ok to just cry it all out because even if you can’t put it into words, your tears say a lot to Him. He knows what you need before you even need it. Put your trust in Him.

When You Need Some Advice To Start the New Year Off Right

If 2018 has put you through so much, here’s some encouragement I wrote down in my journal way before I sat down to write this post for you…

Do what makes you happy.

Focus on yourself more.

Shrug off people’s opinion about you because who cares what they think!

Stay true to yourself.

There is always a positive in a negative situation.

Embrace the unknown.

Set boundaries for people who are toxic to your life and pray for them.

Spend more time with those who truly love you for who you are.

Set your priorities straight!

Don’t stop being unique; you were born to stand out!

Stand up for yourself more. God created us with a voice, don’t be afraid to use it!

Talk to God more about your hopes and dreams.

Make it a habit to pray to God daily.

Breakaway from anything that causes you to have pain like depression and anxiety. God will break the chains.

Choose to be happy.

Take one day at a time.

Don’t worry about anything, God has it all figured out already!

Learn to genuinely laugh at yourself, especially when you mess up!

Have the strength to carry on when you feel all alone in this race. God will never leave your side. You got this!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect in this life.

Be spontaneous.

Don’t stop fighting your battles; you’re a fighter!

Spread kindness everywhere you go.

Learn to truly love your body & imperfections; there is not one flaw in you.

Live life to the fullest.

Don’t forget where you came from.

God isn’t finished with you yet.

Stop comparing your life to someone else’s, God is taking you somewhere different. Get ready for the adventure!

Know that anything is possible when you give it all to God.

Let God write your story; watch everything slowly unfold.

Make every day the best, you never know when it will be your last.

Claim whatever is on your heart to God and you may receive it.

Love your enemies.

It’s acceptable to cry, but what matters most is what you do after you’re finished. Get up. Stand tall. Be ready to fight again. You are stronger than before.

You’re a Daughter of a King.

God’s love will never fail.

You matter.

You are enough.

God loves you.

You’re beautiful in God’s eyes.

You’re a rare flower in a garden.

Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.


I came up with these little sayings myself and I will be taking my advice too. We’re all in this together, am I right?! I hope one of them inspires you and lifts you up in 2019! I challenge you to choose one of the sayings from the list and write it down on a sticky note. Place it wherever you will see it most like on your mirror, laptop, desk, binder, or anywhere else you may think of! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @Kyliescornerandmore because I would love to see all of the sticky notes with words of encouragement on them!

When you place sticky notes with little sayings on them where you can see them, it will make you feel so much better. I do this myself, I have sticky notes everywhere on my mirror and I believe it does help. You should try it yourself.

By the way, I designed a few lock screen wallpaper for your phone that has the encouraging sayings I came up with above. They are on my Instagram story @Kyliescornerandmore!  I’m not doing the entire list of sayings. With that being said, if you have one that you love so much and I don’t have it as a wallpaper, let me know and I will design one for you! 


When you find the time, please listen to “Never Be The Same” by Danny Gokey.

“My mind’s painting pictures trying to pull me back and trap me in the past. And I’m hearing whispers saying what I used to be and how I’ll never be free. But nothing’s louder, louder than the cross. Love is shaking, breaking it all off. Oh, there’s a fire rising in me. It’s changing and renewing me. I’ll never be the same.”

Add heading-15

You can now purchase your personalized, signed copy of Kylie’s Corner and a complimentary bookmark I designed, here! I’m so thankful for everyone who has purchased one so far. Everyone has made so many sweet comments about my book and it means so much to me! If God has someone on your heart that you feel the need to give this inspiring book to, please listen to Him. The individual may need to hear the words God put in my heart at the time when I wrote the Kylie’s Corners that are in this book.


If you have gotten this far, thank you so much for reading the very end. It truly means so much to me! You can probably tell that God put all of this on my heart to tell all of you and sometimes I feel like I write too much. I hope and pray that this blog post somehow inspired you. I’m praying for everyone who is reading this that they have a better year than ever before. Write it on your heart that 2019 is going to be your best year yet and you better believe it!


12 thoughts on “To The One Who Needs Encouragement For 2019

  1. Amen! Truly encouraging to me! Especially that one with “Its okay to cry, but what do you do after you’re finished?” Okay maybe I didn’t paraphrased accurate but you get which one I’m referring to that stood our for me! Lol 🙂 blessings to you and may God keep, use and continue to guide to his paths of righteousness! ❤
    Happy New Year!

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