An Open Letter To The One Struggling With Depression-2
When Elijah said, Lord, I want to die._

**I just want everyone to know that all of Kylie’s Corners for January will be about mental health, we’re going to start 2019 off right!**

I am going to give y’all a little summary about what exactly happened in 1 Kings 19.

Everyone wanted Elijah to die because “he had killed all the prophets with a sword” and when Elijah overheard this, he was afraid and ran away. At this time, Elijah was in the desert and that was when he wanted to die. He prayed that God will let him die. Elijah got tired and he ended up falling asleep. He didn’t have the strength to eat anything until an Angel appeared to him. The Angel told Elijah to eat and if he didn’t, the journey would be too difficult for him. He finally ate and fell back to sleep once again.

According to 1 Kings 19. the food gave Elijah the strength to walk 40 days and nights. Next thing you know, Elijah was found in a cave. God found him and asked why he was there. Elijah explained how everyone was out to get him and that the people of Israel destroyed everything.

Here comes the craziest part! God told Elijah to stand in front of Him on the mountain and He will pass by him. All of a sudden, there was a very strong wind!

It caused many things to break. The mountains came tumbling down, an earthquake happened, and there came a fire. God wasn’t found in any of those things. Then Elijah heard a whisper that said, “why are you here?” Elijah explained once again and that was when God gave him something to do that will save his life.

It’s crazy how we can all relate to this story with Elijah and God.

Have you ever been like Elijah where it is so difficult for you to do daily life things like making sure you eat three times a day, exercise, and take care of hygiene? I bet you have felt like staying in bed all day and doing nothing at all. Oh, I have been there too!

If you have depression, you may know how Elijah felt when he didn’t have the strength to eat and he fell asleep instead. The Angel made him get up and eat. Can you think of someone in your life that cares so much about you and your health? This person knows when you haven’t had anything to eat or drink, and they know when you haven’t been yourself lately. This person you are thinking about is just like the Angel in 1 Kings 19! The individual is your very own Angel.

If you battle with depression and you’re still reading this, this open letter is just for you.

A Letter To The One Who Is Struggling With Depression

To the one who doesn’t have the strength to carry on, especially when a new day comes around.. God will give you the strength just like He did with Elijah. Look up Philippians 4:13.

My Sweet friend, God knows your struggles.

God knows when you feel like giving up.

God knows all of the pain you have been through.

God counts every single tear you shed.

God sees when absolutely no one is there for you.

You may feel like you’re all alone in this world.

You find yourself slowing giving up.

You don’t know what to do anymore.

You feel lost.

You don’t want to be a burden to anyone, so you keep everything to yourself.

You tell yourself it’s for the best to not let anyone fully in.

You tell yourself that no one cares about you or about how you’re feeling.

You don’t have the strength to eat or even take care of yourself.

You want to disappear from the world.

My sweet friend, there are so many people in your life that love and care about you.

Please don’t give up, God has so many things in store for you.

God loves you.

He knows exactly what you need, even before you know that you need it.

He knows all of your battles; He counts them one by one.

He knows when you have hit rock bottom.

Do you want to know something?

God is with you, even when you feel like you’re all alone.

Even when you’re struggling to pick yourself up, God is carrying you.

God said, My Precious Child

I love you

And I would never leave you.

When you see only one set of footprints,

It was then that I carried you.

God is carrying you through every single day that comes your way.

He is fighting your battles with you.

You’re not alone in this fight.

God is always close to the broken-hearted.

God will take every single broken piece of yours and put you back together.

He will make you new.

You won’t be the same person you were once before.

Your moment will be coming soon; please don’t give up now.

You’re almost there.

God will break away your chains from depression.

This will happen soon.

God’s heart is open to you.

He is ready for you to let Him in.

You have someone who loves and adores you for who you are.

It’s God.


My Sweet friend, He loves you so much.

When you find the time, please listen to “Open Space” by Housefires. This song will calm your heart and make you realize that you need to place everything into God’s hands. His heart is open for you. Open Space is such a beautiful song to listen to!

“My heart is an open space For You to come and have Your way.”

I’m praying for each and every one of you who are battling with depression right now. I pray that you find hope and peace in this open letter.

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