neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of god.

If you feel like no one loves you or that you’re not worthy to feel God’s love, then this post is for you.

I have chosen Romans 8:39 for a reason. As I take a look at my Bible, Romans 8: 31-39 is about God’s love for Jesus. God let His own Son suffer for all of us; He gave Jesus to us (Romans 8:32). Jesus died for our sins so we could be forgiven. That isn’t the only thing that happened… He resurrected into Heaven and sits at God’s right side! Romans 8 31-39 goes on. It explains how troubles, problems, sufferings, death, no food, or even clothes can separate us from God’s love. Doesn’t that feel heart-warming to think about?! Nothing or no one can ever separate us from the love God has for us. I wanted to share the meaning behind Romans 8:39 with all of you.

You’re probably thinking, “How can God still love me, especially with everything I went through in my past? How is it possible that nothing can ever separate the love God has just for me? No, it’s not possible. No one can ever love me.”

This open letter is for you. I hope you have a different perspective, once you have read what I’m about to say to you…


My Sweet friend, I used to be like you.

I bet you have told yourself that “people always leave,” too.

I was once that girl who thought I was the problem,

turns out I wasn’t.

I used to blame myself all of the time.

I always had my walls up because I didn’t want to get hurt again.

I thought I wasn’t worthy enough to have God’s love.

I bet you have felt this way as well.

Maybe you were in a toxic relationship

Maybe with a family member

Maybe with someone, you loved so much, but they left you stranded.

For me, it was my biological father.

He was my first “heartbreak,” but it was honestly for the best.

Because of everything I went through, I found God.

I think of Him as my true Father.

I used to not want anything to do with the love God had for me.

I would tell Him, “No, I don’t deserve it.”

I know you have probably felt the same way before.

You feel like no one can ever possibly love you.

You’re unlovable.

People always get up and leave your life.

You don’t want to be hurt again.

You push every single person away.

You don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

I understand.

My Sweet friend, I used to be like you too.

I want you to know…

There is someone who won’t break your heart,

Won’t leave you,

This someone will always be with you no matter what,

Loves you unconditionally,

And He is dying to meet you!

He saved you a long time ago…

That’s how much He loves you.

He doesn’t want you to run away from Him.

My Sweet friend, you are so worthy of God’s love.

Even if you try to run away from Him, He will find you.

He will find you in your darkest times.

He will never leave you.

Don’t ever think that no one will ever love you,

Someone already does.

He wants you to come to Him,

And He will give you rest.

My Sweet friend, if you still feel unlovable…

just know there is not one thing that is wrong with you.

You’re perfect in God’s eyes.

I pray one day you will realize how much God truly loves you.

He loves you unconditionally.

Nothing or no one can ever separate the love God has for you.

My Sweet friend, you are so loved.


His Name is God.

When you find the time, please listen to “On and On” by Housefires. I have been loving the songs by Housefires! This is another song that will make you feel calm and I hope you feel God’s love for you when you listen to it.

“Even if I hide on the highest mountain, You are there. Where can I run from Your presence? Where can I flee from You? Even if I lie in the lowest valley, You will find me there. Deeper than any ocean. Your love goes on and on and on and on.”

An Open Letter To The One Struggling With Depression-2

In case you missed it, I wrote another open letter before this one and it is to anyone who is struggling with depression. You can read it here! Has any of you been enjoying these type of blog posts?? Please let me know by giving them a like or a comment in the comment section. I would love to know what all of you think because if anyone loves the open letters, I’m open to writing more of them!


9 thoughts on “An Open letter To The One Who Feels Unlovable

  1. So many have never witnessed true love. And because of that, we all too often feel rejected and useless. Let’s be Lights for the Lord. As the old saying goes, we’re the only Bibles some people are ever going to read.

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