The Two Special People Who Have The Biggest Influence On My Faith

In honor of my 21st Birthday being on Saturday, January 26, I wanted to talk about these two special people who have been in my life ever since I was born… Let’s get into it!

Take a minute to look back on your life. Do you have someone special who you always look up to ever since you were younger? Has this individual or individuals had an impact on your faith? Do they make you want to become a much better person than you were before? Are they someone where you absolutely know that you can always come to them no matter what? Do you feel like you can talk to them about anything? Do you think, “I want that type of relationship they have one day.”

That is literally what I have always thought about my sweet grandparents, MawMaw and PawPaw! I have looked up to them ever since I was little and I’m so blessed to have them as my grandparents. God knew what He was doing when He placed them into my life. They are truly like my second set of parents I never had. As some of you may know, my parents divorced ever since I was in Kindergarten. I have always dreamt of having this perfect family, and have a Mother and Father who loves each other unconditionally. I wanted that as a child and wanted to be like “normal” families. I wanted to be that child who could see with their own eyes that their Mother and Father would always be together no matter what happened. I wanted that for my family, but nothing in this life is ever perfect. Am I right?

The importance of being surrounded by People In Your Life

However, I saw that and continue to see that in my Grandparents. I’m so thankful that God gave me a set of Grandparents who set my standards so high! I mean, even though I didn’t have parents like that, God gave me two special people that I look up to so very much who love each other unconditionally. That is all I have ever wanted in life. They are both so adorable together and they always make me happy.

My MawMaw and PawPaw always support me no matter what and I honestly appreciate everything they do for me. They also make me so proud to be their granddaughter.


The most adorable thing my PawPaw does for my MawMaw is that he always opens the car door for her, and helps her get out of the car! He does this all of the time, even when I’m with them. Ha, MawMaw claims that it’s just because she has a difficult time getting out of the car since she’s short like me, but she is a little bit shorter! They literally make me laugh so much.

The one thing I love most about them is their faith and love for God. My Grandparents taught me if God is all you have, you have all you need. They are both so involved in the Catholic Church, especially with MawMaw being a lector (she does the readings) and they both are a Eucharistic minister. I love how they always volunteer for any events our Church puts on!

God has definitely blessed me with such amazing Grandparents who I love and adore so much! They have been in my life ever since day one and I’m forever thankful that they are still in my life today.


MawMaw, if you are reading this, I’m so blessed to have the both of you in my life. I’m thankful that I have such a close relationship with y’all and I will never take that for granted. I’m so thankful.


PawPaw, thank you for setting my standards high for when it comes to relationships. You’re like a father figure to me. Thank you for constantly giving me life lessons and telling us to always take care of our Mom.

My goal in life is to be married to someone for 5o+ years because I will never put my future children through a divorce. It’s hard on the parents, but it is even more difficult for the children to understand. Love like my MawMaw and PawPaw have is rare to find these days. If you don’t look up to someone like I do my Grandparents, I hope they inspire you. They can be your role model too; they are the best. I have also written a Kylie’s Corner for their 50th Wedding Anniversary and it is in my Book, Kylie’s Corner!

Thank you, MawMaw and PawPaw for always being here for me no matter what. I love the both of y’all so much.

P.S. I’m so proud of my MawMaw and PawPaw for doing what they love best in the movie called The Mule! They are Polka dancing in the movie and you have to look quick, in order to see them. The movie is already in Theaters! I’m such a proud Granddaughter.

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You can now purchase your personalized, signed copy of Kylie’s Corner and a complimentary bookmark I designed, here! I’m so thankful for everyone who has purchased one so far. Everyone has made so many sweet comments about my book and it means so much to me! If God has someone on your heart that you feel the need to give this inspiring book to, please listen to Him. The individual may need to hear the words God put in my heart at the time when I wrote the Kylie’s Corners that are in this book.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know the two special people who have the biggest influence on my faith. Thank you so much for reading!

“Every day, we’re each given an opportunity to be a role model. The choices we make, change so much more than just our own lives.”


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  1. I can definitely tell they’re an awesome inspiration in your life! Well done, maw maw and paw paw! Raising a young lady such as yourself is something they can be humbly proud of!

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