What Has Healed My Wounds From The Past-2

I remember the night when I was scrolling through several links on Google trying to find something that was exactly what I was going through, but in Jesus’ voice. It was as if I wanted God to talk to me in a letter to tell me everything was going to be okay. Honestly, I used to dwell on my past a lot and think people always leave my life because I’m the problem, which that is definitely not true at all! Always know that each person that has left your life is a lesson and it is God’s way of saying that He has something much better for you. He removed those people from your life because they can’t go where God is taking you to next! Let them go. God always has a purpose for everything. Are you going to trust Him? I wish I would have known it back then, instead of blaming it on myself.

There is something that has been in my notes on my phone for a few years now and I always read it when I’m down. What I’m about to share has definitely helped heal me and I’m thankful I saved it in my notes when I did!

I remember the first time I read it… tears were streaming down my eyes.

It was as if Jesus was talking directly to me. It was exactly what I needed to read at the time. I hold it so dear to my heart.


The letter I’m about to share with all of you isn’t my words; I didn’t write any of it. I feel like I should share it with you guys because it has inspired me. I hope this inspires one of you. I’m also sharing this for all of the ladies who only have one parent or none at all. To the ones who feel like they are unlovable and broken, let God speak to you through this letter. Open up your heart to Him; It’s okay to cry and let it all out. You’re a Daughter of a King and He loves you so much. Always remember that. Even if you don’t have an Earthly Father, you have One in Heaven. He absolutely adores you!

A Love Letter From God To His Daughters

Originally by Laurie Gustafson:

My precious daughter, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you, I will be faithful until the end, You are more than just “my daughter” You are my princess, My beloved, my delight, I rejoice in you, You are beautiful, You shine with light, You have dove’s eyes, I rejoice in you with singing, I will quiet you with my love, Hold you in my arms, Never let you go, For you are never alone, You never have been alone, I’ve been with you all along, Your whole life,

I understand your pain,
My sacrifice wasn’t for nothing,
Let me tell you I understand your confusion,
I understand your anger and frustration,
I understand your tears,
And I care,
Very much,
For you,
Everything that is important to you,
Is important to me too,
My love for you will never end,
I will not leave you for another,
I will not abandon you ever,
No matter how far you go,
My love will never end.

I have examined your heart,
I know everything about you,
When you sit down or stand up,
I know your thoughts,
Even when you are far away,
I see you when you travel,
Or when you rest at home,
I see the tears that fall from your eyes,
I see the heartache in your home,
Believe me, I know the lies,
I know the temptations,
But I am here,
I know what you are going to say,
Even before you say it.
I go before you and follow,
I place my hand of blessing on your head,
Such knowledge is beyond comprehension,
It is too wonderful for you to understand,
You can never escape from my Spirit,
You can never get away from my presence!
If you go up to heaven, I am there;
If you go down to the grave, I am there.
If you ride the wings of the morning,
If you dwell by the farthest oceans,
Even there my hand will guide you,
And my strength will support you.

You could ask the darkness to hide you,
And the light around you to become night,
But even in darkness, you cannot hide from me,
To me night shine as day,
Darkness and light are the same to me,
I made all the delicate, inner parts of your body,
I made your heart,
I know what makes you hurt,
I know what makes you cry,
I know what makes you tick,
I know when breaks your heart the most,
And I know how to comfort you,
I know how to make you smile,
I know how to love you,
I know how to be a daddy who loves,
Such a beautiful daughter like you,
You long for acceptance,
When you were already accepted into my family,
You are fearfully and wonderfully made,
I love you more than you know,
I will fill your heart with the love and peace you long for,
I saw you before you were born,
I knit you together in your mother’s womb,
Even then I loved you,
And I was proud of you,
And I thought of you as my beautiful daughter, my princess,
Every day of your life is recorded in my book,
Every moment was laid out,
Every moment that would bring you joy,
Every moment that would bring you pain.

My thoughts about you are precious,
They cannot be numbered,
They outnumber the grains of sand,
And when you wake up in the morning,
I am still with you,
I love you more than you know,
You are beautiful to me,
Even though you feel something is always wrong,
Just look into my eyes,
See how I see you,
A beautiful princess,
With beautiful eyes that shine with my love and my light,
I love you,
And I will say it again,
I love you,
My princess, my beloved,
My precious daughter,

I love you,
I love you,
I love you.

Don’t give up,
For I see the brokenness in your families,
In your friendships,
I see the pain in your eyes,
Your beautiful heart,
That used to be so filled with joy,
Is now crushed beneath your burdens,
But you’re still beautiful to me,
So beautiful to me,
I will heal you and restore you once again,

My precious daughter,
I will never leave you,
I will never forsake you,
I will be faithful until the end,

Faithful until the end…

Your loving Father and Daddy, Prince of Peace, King of Glory,


This sweet letter will always mean so much to me and I hope it means something to you too. Let God heal your heart. He will take care of all your needs. I pray for everyone who needed to read this letter. Didn’t it feel like Jesus was talking directly to you?

“You are a Daughter of a King.”

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