only one thing will remain...

Have you ever messed up so bad that you begin to think that God doesn’t love you anymore? You feel like a terrible person, don’t you? You’re too hard on yourself! Even if you don’t have a close relationship with Him or don’t believe in Him, God still loves you. There is nothing you can do that will make Him change His mind about you.

Hebrews 13:8 says, “Yesterday, He loved you. Today, He loves you. Tomorrow, He will love you. Nothing will change.”

Nothing. Nothing will ever change! That’s how much God loves us.

I honestly love the meaning behind Hebrews 13. It starts off with saying how we should ” love each other as brothers in Christ.” It also talks about how God raised Jesus from His death… “God raised Him because of the blood of His death. His blood began the agreement that God made with His people. And this agreement is eternal (Hebrews 13:8).

When I think about Jesus dying on the cross, I always think about all of the blood He shed. He was beaten severely and was mocked at; He was forced to carry His own cross by Himself. He had three nails in him. One in each of the palm of His hand and His feet.

I know, the imagery may be too much, but it did happen. Do you know why Jesus went through so much? It’s because of us. Yes, you did read that right! All of the blood He shed was for all of our sins and He forgave us.

God’s love is more than the pain you’re feeling.

It is more than your trials.

It is more than what you went through in your past.

It is much more than what the world has to offer.

It is more than your identity.

Even if all else fails in your life, only one thing will remain.

The love God has for you.

He created you just the way you are and He truly believes there is not one flaw in you.

You’re fearfully and wonderfully made. -Psalm 139:14

Write that verse down somewhere and say it to yourself every day so you’ll eventually believe it.

I know there is a day coming up that some people dread and it’s Valentines Day. People who are single and those who have lost their loved one may feel lonely on this day. Some people may think they will always be forever alone on Valentines Day, which that’s not true because one day God will bring their “person” to them. I know, you’re tired of waiting, but it will all be worth it. Even if you don’t have someone to spend Valentines Day with, there is someone that wants to tell you something and He wants you to believe it.

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Yes, God loves you. His love is the only thing that will remain. His love will never fail and never gives up on you. He loves you. If you still feel like you’re not worthy of His love, I recently wrote an Open Letter To The One Who Feels Unlovable. I encourage you to read it and I hope it inspires you.


When you find the time, please listen to this mashup of “One Thing Remains/How He Loves Us” by Caleb & Kelsey. Combining two of my favorite Christian songs together is just so beautiful. I encourage you to listen to it!

“‘Cause on and on and on and on it goes. It overwhelms and satisfies my soul. And I never, ever, have to be afraid. This one thing remains. Yeah, He loves us. Oh, how He loves us. Oh, how He loves.”

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6 thoughts on “Only One Thing Will Remain…

  1. I’ve found it more humbling to think of God as a Father. Yes, He is the Judge. He is a God of vengeance. But when you think of Him as a loving Father, it makes me want to honor Him much more. It’s that true love that gets me.

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