Hey, sweet friends! The week of February 24 and all the way through March 3, I did something totally unexpected! You probably already know by just reading the title, but I ended up doing a Facebook detox for an entire week. Ha, you probably think I’m crazy for doing that or wondering why I did it in the first place!

Well, I didn’t plan for this to happen and my phone decided to run out of storage. You may know the struggle of that! So, I deleted the Facebook app and then I tried to download the app again, but it couldn’t since my storage was still full. I ended up saying, “whatever” and went without the Facebook app on my phone.

It has honestly been the most freeing feeling I have ever experienced! If you think about it, we’re constantly on social media to the point we’re aware of every little detail of someone else’s life just from reading a status. We’re so invested in their own lives that we forget about our own. When was the last time you have focused on you for once, and you didn’t compare your life with another individual’s? That is one of the things I loved about detoxing from Facebook because I focused more on what I was doing in my life and I did things that made me happy!

I have also learned that being on Facebook 24/7 can make you feel emotionally drained. I could definitely tell a difference between before this detox and after! I felt so much better when I wasn’t constantly on Facebook, especially with knowing that I wasn’t consumed in someone’s life and that no one knew little details about mine, even though WordPress would post these blog posts on Facebook for me!

During the Facebook Detox week, I was sooo busy with my college classes that I totally forgot about staying away from Facebook because I was constantly doing things. This semester is interesting and I finally found out why I’m taking only 9 credits instead of the usual 12 credits– between all of the assignments for the three classes, let’s say the workload is basically like taking four classes! I now know why God wanted me to take three classes this semester and everything happens for a reason, am I right? So I learned that just from doing this Facebook detox! Here is how you can do your own social media detox:

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1. Choose which Social Media you want to detox from

This can be anything, really like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But, choose the one you’re using the most because if you pick one that you barely use, it wouldn’t be a real detox and you wouldn’t learn anything from it!

2. Decide the time frame of your detox, whether it is a week, a month, or even a few months

If you are just starting out, I would go with doing this for a week and then progressing to a month, if you need a huge detox from social media!

3. Delete the Social Media of your choice from ALL of your electronic devices (phone, laptop, Smart Tv, Tablet, etc.)

By deleting the app from all of your devices, it is going to help you to not be tempted to be on the app. You will also forget that the app isn’t on your phone anymore and I know that I did!

4. Focus on yourself more by doing something you love

This step is what I learned from doing the Facebook detox challenge! Focus on doing things for you and only you. Focus on making yourself happy and genuinely love yourself. Focus on yourself and no one else. Focus on your classes and try getting your assignments done ahead of time. I have done a blog post about how to not procrastinate and I encourage you to read it while you’re on this detox!

If you decide to do the social media detox, please let me know what you learned from it after by leaving a comment on this blog post! I hope the social media detox helps you in some way, we all need a break from it.

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“Spending just one day away from social media can be one of the best things you can do for your mental health.”


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      1. I just don’t trust it personally. They’re corrupt and very sketchy with your personal information. And Facebook spies on you.. not saying that Pinterest or even WordPress couldn’t be. But FB is a definite.

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