This is honestly one of my most favorite stories from the Bible! If you aren’t familiar with this story, I will give you the summary of it.

In the beginning, Jesus was invited to go eat with a “Pharisee” (a hypocrite), which is Simon. There was this woman who heard that Jesus was going to be there and the Bible defined her as sinful (Luke 7:36-37). She went to where Jesus was at while carrying a jar of perfume. All of a sudden, she was at Jesus’ feet crying and “began to wash His feet with her tears. She dried His feet with her hair, kissed them many times and rubbed them with the perfume” (Luke 7:38). At this point, Simon was questioning Jesus by thinking to himself: “If Jesus were a prophet, He would know that the woman who is touching Him is a sinner! (Luke 7:39). Then, Jesus gave a lesson to Simon. It was about two men who owed money to a banker: one owed way more than the other man and they both couldn’t afford to pay the banker back. Jesus asked Simon, “if the banker told both of the men that they don’t have to pay him anything, then which man would love the banker more?” Simon responded by saying the one who owed more money than the other man, he was right. Jesus pointed out all of the woman’s actions that Simon didn’t do to Him, like he didn’t wash His feet like the woman did with her tears and that is why Jesus forgave her sins. Jesus forgave her because she showed so much love for Him, even though she wasn’t asked to wash His feet with her tears or dry them up with her hair; she wanted to. Lastly, Jesus told the woman, “Because you believed , you are saved from your sins. Go in peace” (Luke 7:50).

I remember when I first heard this story and saw the image of the woman who was washing Jesus’ feet with her tears. I was at a Catholic youth conference during the summer, when I was in High School. I remember sitting there listening to Sarah Swafford, a motivational Catholic speaker who talks about dating and the emotional rollercoaster of it, she was talking about the woman who was at Jesus’ feet while cleaning them with her tears and hair. Then, she showed us the same picture that is above and I remember thinking, “Wow, that is me. I’m that girl who is just so broken to the point I want to lay at Jesus’ feet while crying because I don’t know what to do.” That was when I started falling in love with this story because there is so much beauty behind it!

The thing is that Jesus knew that the woman was broken and a sinner, but He continued to let her clean His feet with her tears and perfume. He didn’t try to push her away by telling her that she wasn’t welcomed here and to leave Him alone. Jesus didn’t say any of that. The woman showed Jesus so much love and He didn’t care that she was a sinner, He knew that!

The beauty of this story is that even though the woman was so broken on the inside, Jesus welcomed her with open arms and He also forgave all of her sins.

Jesus does this to us too where we can’t find the words to say so we end up crying and all Jesus wants to do is comfort us in His arms while saying, “everything is going to be okay, My Child.” It’s definitely acceptable to be that girl in the story who simply dropped to Jesus’ feet while crying and covering His feet with perfume. That is what Jesus wants us to do- He wants us to come to Him in times of trouble and when we feel so broken. Like I have said, He will find a way to put all of your broken pieces back together again.

I want to tell you that Jesus loves you with your brokenness and all.

When you find the time, please listen to “Alive” by Big Daddy Weave.

“I was dead in my transgressions, wandering in sin. I went searching for redemption down the road that had no end. I was walking through this fire, I was living on the run. With my flesh lost in desire, I was drowning in the flood. But God, rich in mercy. You came to save me. Now, I’m alive.”

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“You are altogether beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you. -Songs of Songs 4:7

4 thoughts on ““Your Sins Are Forgiven.”

  1. “Go and sin no more” 🙂

    What a blessing that the Lord Himself forgives you and puts your feet on His straight and narrow way. And it all starts by humbling yourself, believing and faith.

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