So, this year I have been watching new YouTubers and I really don’t remember how I found them, but all five of them has brought so much positivity into my life! They literally motivate me to always start the day on a positive note and to be honest, a few of them has kinda made me into a morning person!! Yeah, I know – I never liked waking up early, especially when I was a child. However, I have morning classes sooo I had to train myself to like waking up early in the morning!

Anyways, I want to share these people with all of you and maybe you’ll be inspired by them too or you found a new YouTube Channel to watch from reading this blog post. Also, if you watch YouTube videos, who do you normally watch?? I want to know so I encourage you to put it in the comment section of this blog post!

I hope y’all enjoy this type of blog post and that is motivates you to become the best version of yourself. Now here are the top FIVE YouTubers you need in your life!

1. Sierra Schultzzie

This is actually one of the first videos of hers that I watched! Sierra is all about body positivity and in this video, she makes her body look skinny by photoshopping pictures of her and then posting them on her Instagram to see if anyone would notice. If you watch the video, she gradually edits them, like she hardly edits the first picture and by the time she edits the last one, she goes all out to the point it doesn’t look like herself! I love that she did this because in the end, she showed people that other’s on social media edit theirselves to make them look totally different from what they look like in real life. She also said that we even tend to want to look like those people we see on social media and you never know when a photo has been edited! You can tell that I love the message behind this video and I encourage you to watch it!

2. Love Sweat Fitness

This video is probably one of my favorites from Love Sweat Fitness! It is such an interesting video to watch because they literally go into Mcdonald’s and try to find something that is low in calories. This was also the first video I watched of theirs and Love Sweat Fitness also has videos on quick, healthy meals and snacks you can make and also does motivation challenges. I encourage you to check out their channel! I also love watching Love Sweat Fitness because it motivates me to keep on becoming a healthier version of myself and yep, now that the secret is out… I can openly talk about it!

3. Sarah’s Day

Sarah’s Day has so many healthy snacks that are simple to make! I sometimes watch her videos every now and then, but she makes what I eat in a day videos and so much more.

4. Whitney Simmons

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive!” -Whitney Simmons

I love this video of hers because she talks about why you shouldn’t doubt yourself and to stop comparing other’s to ourselves! Whitney is so motivational and she also does grocery hauls, provides easy, healthy meals you can meal prep for the week, and fitness tips – If you’re all about that healthy lifestyle! I encourage you to watch some of her videos and trust me, she will bring positivity to your life!

5. Sam Ozkural

Last but certainly not least is Sam Ozkural! This video was the very first video I watched of hers and I came across it because I wanted to know how to be a morning person. After watching this video, I became obsessed with watching her channel because she is so uplifting and she has brought so much positivity into my life! She also does videos about how to be positive, how to achieve your goals, and she gives a lot of healthy tips. Along with that, she also has a video about how to go to sleep early! If you haven’t found a video that truly interests you from these five YouTuber’s, I encourage you to watch this video. Just watch it and trust me, you’re going to want to become a morning person after you watch it because that’s what happened to me!

I hope all of you found something new to watch and please let me know what YouTuber’s you watch because I really want to know! I also hope y’all enjoyed reading this type of blog post on the Kylie’s Corner & More blog. I try to give y’all a glimpse of my life and the things that interests me, which is becoming a healthier version of me and self-love. I also explained that in a recent blog post I did about fighting my battles. If y’all haven’t noticed already, that’s basically the theme from these five videos! I hope this blog post has brought positivity into your life.

“Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve a perfect body, it comes from embracing what you have.”


21 thoughts on “The Top YouTube Channels That Bring Positivity Into My Life

  1. Thanks for sharing but I don’t watch fitness channels on YouTube. I only watch faith-based Youtubers who the Holy Spirit led me to. These three I watch on a regular and I truly recommend you to visit/watch their channels. MotivatingyU2Win- Sister Sharon.
    LamourinChrist- Kytia Lamour.
    JasmineJasmine- Jasmine.
    My faith has increased and I’ve been convicted a lot by the messages God spoke through them to me. I’ve been encouraged as I continue to mature in the things of Christ.

    One advice I’ll give you in love as a sister in Christ is that don’t get overly obsessed with the Youtubers/videos. Or either with being healthy for you don’t want it to become an idol. Blessings & grace to you in Jesus name! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome and I watch some that are Faith-based too! Thank you for recommending those to me, I’ll definitely check them out! That’s amazing that they did and I already know that I’ll find something that has spoken to me through their channels. Now I’m excited to watch the channels you recommended so thank you, Tammy!💗☺️

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  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I am trying to find more positive Youtubers. I don’t agree with everything they say, but Paul & Morgan and God Is Grey are interesting and positive Christian channels!

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