Hey my Sweet friends! I hope everyone is having a blessed week! Today, we’re going to talk about the season of waiting and what it actually means.

Have you ever wanted something so bad before, but it just never happened?? You have prayed to God and hoped He would bless you with it. You kept waiting and waiting for your dream to come true, but God still didn’t give it to you. You would wonder why and you wanted Him to answer all of your questions at this instance. You got to the point where you were tired of waiting and gave up on this dream you had because if God wanted this for you, He would have given it to you already, right?

Nope, not even close to being true! The situation above describes what the season of waiting is like and sometimes, you don’t even know you’re waiting for whatever it is to be given to you whether that be a job, a house, career choices, your future goals, hopes & dreams, etc.

During the season of waiting, we may feel neglected and angry that God isn’t listening to us. But my Sweet friend, He is listening to every single prayer of yours! He knows exactly what your heart wants, He knows.

There are times where God literally has to take time to work on your prayer. How I see it, God has three answers to our prayers: Yes, No, or I’ll give you something even better than what you asked for

The third answer is always the best one, even though there can be a lot of waiting behind it! When He gives us something better than what we asked for, the waiting is going to be so worth it. I have experienced this before in my life and I’ll be talking about it next week, so y’all stay tuned for that post!

God always has a reason for why He is making us wait and you have no clue what He has been working on for you behind the scenes! Having patience is so important when God tells you to wait just a little longer for the huge blessing you’re about to receive. With that being said, when God wants you to wait on something, you shouldn’t give up on your dream so quickly because God will make it happen, but He is going to give you something even better!

That’s why waiting is so worth it and once the time is right, God will surprise you so unexpectedly and right then, you’ll know that it was truly worth the wait. God always, always has a reason behind why He makes us wait and we need to trust Him on that!

When you find the time, please listen to “Symphony” by the Switch.

“Tune my heart to Your beat, Let me be Your melody even when I cannot see. But You orchestrate it even when the dark surrounds. You’ll never let me drown. I know that my hope is found in the name of Jesus. You say You’re working everything for my good and I believe every word.”

Be ready for July 2nd at 3PM CT – that’s when I will reveal everything I have been working on and it will be in a blog post, so stayed tuned for that!

“Good things come to those who wait.”


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