Today is the day, y’all!! Let me start from the very beginning…

I don’t know if y’all knew this or not, but when I was in High School, I had the opportunity to help design a few T-shirts for my Churches Youth Group.

Here’s one of them and I only helped with the idea, not the graphics – my Church took my idea and got a designer to develop the graphics for us! However, I did get to choose between the fonts and I ended up going with what you see in the picture above!

Y’all are probably wondering why I’m explaining all of this to y’all right now…

Back in 2017, before I even had this blog, I did a poll on Facebook about if anyone was interested in Kylie’s Corner T-shirts to help support the publishing fees of the Kylie’s Corner book. Honestly, I can’t thank my Kylie’s Corner sponsors enough for playing a huge part for helping me because the Kylie’s Corner Book wouldn’t have been published without their love and support. At the end of my book, I have a separate page recognizing all of the Kylie’s Corner supporters – I just wanted to put that out there!

Anyways, I had a design in mind for the Kylie’s Corner T-shirts and the design was already made by me. I was so excited for this and I was already thinking about purchasing several of the T-shirts, and selling them at my Church. Ha, this is where God made me wait and I didn’t even know it back then!

Fast forward to September of 2018, I was asked about the Kylie’s Corner T-shirts and I responded back by saying how that project is on hold for right now because that was during the time my book was complete with the publishing process.

Little did I know that God had something incredible planned for me and it is even better…

I don’t know how or even why, but back in February of this year, this idea popped up in my head that I should start my own online store and design my own products!

I wanted it to be something meaningful where it would still lead others to God and that’s where Live Your Faith comes in!

This is just only the beginning and later on this week, y’all will find out the meaning behind Live Your Faith!

I designed all of the graphics you see on the products, I didn’t hire a graphic designer to design them for me – it was all done by me!

I’m so excited for this new journey God has given me and I hope that one of these designs will help y’all to Live Your Faith!

Here’s some picture of the Inspired by Kylie’s Corner T-shirt that I took:

**All pictures below were taken by me, so please don’t use them as your own**

I’m so proud of how the Kylie’s Corner shirt turned out and from my experience, it took a total of THREE days for it to be at my doorstep – it took one day to ship! The designs are true to their color and it is so vibrant! I would also size up because I wear a small now and I wear a medium in the Kylie’s Corner T-shirt. I also made sure that the shirts were high quality, so that way, they will last longer and not fade – it’s exactly that!

Every product of mine has the Live Your Faith logo on the back of it, except for the Kylie’s Corner T-shirt because I wanted that one to be special since it’s an original design from 2017 (I only changed one detail to it, that’s it). You can shop the other designs here ! When you do receive yours, be sure to take a picture with you wearing it and #liveyourfaith on social media. I can’t wait for y’all to receive them and there will be many more designs to come!

Today is also our one year Anniversary on this Kylie’s Corner & More blog! I’m so thankful for all of you and thank you for following me along on this journey! I love all of y’all so much.

Live Your Faith was such an answered prayer and God made me wait for all of this, but it has been so worth it! I give all of the credit to God because I truly believe He was the One who put this incredible idea in my heart.

Y’all will receive 15% off your order — to get 15% off, you’ll see “get 15% off the shop” click that and hit the “redeem” button. When you do this, it will automatically take 15% off your order for you!

This ends on Friday, July 12, 2019 @ 10:59 PM CT (11:59 PM for EST)

God is Within Her, She Will Not Fail. -Psalm 46:5


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