I have been looking forward to working on this blog post ever since Marquise Payne – A Gurus Writing, reached out to me on Instagram and asked me about doing a collaboration blog post with him on both of our blogs! Of course, I said yes and this is the very first collaboration ever on the Kylie’s Corner & More blog!

Before we start this collab post, I want to say that I feel honored that Marquise has chosen me to collaborate with him and his writings are always so inspiring! So thank you, Marquise!

Lastly, I will be starting this blog post and then A Gurus Writing will end it for us, so a little heads up about that!

As soon as the Syllabus was available online for my Health class (5 weeks ago), I went to read it right away! Side note: for those who don’t know, a syllabus is what Professors go over on the first day of class like, the class schedule, policies, grading, etc. I panicked when I read the words, “you have to be in the gym dress code policy at all times by wearing workout clothes and you must wear tennis shoes/running shoes at all times for class.”

My anxiety was literally going everywhere when I read those words because my outfit hardly ever includes me wearing shorts, leggings, or sweatpants when it comes to going to class! I had to mentally prepare myself for this Health class because wearing shorts or even sweatpants to class felt so weird for me to do!

I ended up wearing sweatpants to the first day of class, along with tennis shoes because I didn’t know what to expect or if we had to actually wear workout clothes every. single. day. because from reading the syllabus, that’s exactly what I thought!

Turns out, we didn’t have to; however, we had to wear workout clothes when it was our turn to teach a PE lesson. The day came where I taught a lesson with a few of my classmates and I came to class wearing a T-shirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes!

Here’s a picture of that day and this is the only time y’all will ever get to see me in sweatpants!

From this experience, I have learned a valuable lesson: The clothes we wear does not define us and no one cares what you wear!

You have a crown

That has been labored with love

A handcrafted gift from above

Embedded with jewels

Created by the finest Craftsman

The master of Grand design

In a world laced with jewelry stores

The urge for more

Your soul is not for sale

Nor the taking

You are royalty in the making

I pray you make it

Sometimes it is at our lowest point where we learn value. To not have becomes having. We arrive on this Earth with nothing but the skin on our backs. Somewhere down the line we get ransacked with images of what our lives need to be, or what we need to be worth. There is no amount of items to account for all that you are. 

If we removed all the fancies of the world and had nothing but our natural element, could we survive? Would love and simple connection be enough? Too often I hear millionaires committing suicide or of a new celebrity meltdown. So if game and fortune isn’t the answer what is? Purpose, divine purpose, which is found deep inside you. Pressure pulls out purpose so don’t aim be perfect, aim to be you. 

Peace, Love & Positivity

P.s. A special Thank you to Kylie Celine for this Collaboration. She has been reminding others of their divine worth through her Blog site “Kylie’s Corner & More.” You are bound to find loads of reasons to keep going! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this special blog post, especially reading what Marquise had to say – his words are truly inspiring!

There is a little story behind how the Kylie’s Corner & More blog and A Gurus Writing crossed paths… I remember receiving a comment on one of my blog posts saying, “Honestly, you inspired my latest post.” Those words came from A Gurus Writing! That comment of his still means so much to me and the post he wrote was about reminding his readers about their worth – I have read it and it is definitely so inspiring! I encourage y’all to go read that blog post of A Gurus Writing: 5 Things Your Worth Needs You To Remember Today

FYI: I will also be doing another collaboration post with A Gurus Writing, but it will be on HIS blog, so be on a look out for that one today & make sure you subscribe to A Gurus Writing, Marquise will uplift you with his words!

I encourage all of you to read the blog post I wrote with him for his blog, you can read it by clicking on the picture below!

Credit to Marquise for creating this picture!

You won’t be disappointed by his work on A Gurus Writing!

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      1. Lol!!! My wife does that duck/kissy lip thingy almost every picture… so I’m gonna start doing and see how she likes it lol!!!!

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      2. Just letting you know, I put a password on my latest post. It’s pretty deep and I tell a lot about my past. And since I have various ages following my blog, I don’t want them reading it and freak them out. But if you want to read it I’ll send you the password. Just please delete it afterwards.

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