Have you ever thought about what you would first say to God when you see Him? What would you say? Would you want to know anything?

I have thought about this before and when I see God for the first time, I want to ask Him if I led anyone to Him or even closer to Him. I can imagine me being curious and asking God so many questions about things that happened in my life!

I would also want to ask God if I did everythingHe wanted me to do on Earth because honestly, everything like from writing Kylie’s Corner in the church bulletin for the church I go to, publishing Kylie’s Corner, creating the Kylie’s Corner & More blog, and now, Live Your Faith online store, all happened because of God. He placed each of them in my heart and I listened to Him each time He gave me an idea; I still do. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me so much and blessing me with all of you – I love the Kylie’s Corner & More family!

There are still so many things I would ask God about like, if worrying about the future was even worth worrying over because He already knows what happens in our lives even before it happens. Why do we still worry over silly things with knowing that? It’s insane how God already knows exactly how we’re going to die and when. We all don’t know when that time may be, so we need to start thinking about what we’ll ask God when we see Him for the first time.

Think about it can be scary, I remember being so afraid of getting old and dying when I was a child because of the fact we don’t have control over when we will die – we don’t know when.

I am still scared to die, but I do look forward to seeing God for the first time, don’t we all? I am curious to see what He looks like and we have always longed to see Him face to face. It will be amazing to finally see who created us all along and for some reason, He thought the world needed someone like you. God created each of us for a reason and we all have a different deed God wants us to do here on Earth.

If someone hasn’t told you this already, I want to tell you that God loves you so much and you matter, don’t ever doubt that you don’t because you truly do.

When you find the time, please listen to “Death Was Arrested” by North Point InsideOut.

“Ash was redeemed only beauty remains. My orphan heart was given a name. My mourning grew quiet. My feet rose to dance when death was arrested and my life began. Oh, Your grace so free washes over me. You have made me new. Now life begins with You. It’s Your endless love pouring down on us.”

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“Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” -C.S. Lewis


7 thoughts on “What Would You Ask God When You Get To Heaven?

  1. Wow! I’ll ask Him so much questions! But those are some of the most important one’s you want to ask, should be asked firstly. I’ll ask Him, why was there iniquity found in Satan. I mean he was such a perfect being with wisdom, beauty & authority. And why there will be no sea in heaven. And so much more. I thought was only me alone has the fear of dying, but I was wrong after reading this post. I do fear of dying but then God always reminds me of His great promises and in order for us to be with Him in eternity we must die to leave from this earth to depart into life eternally with Him. Remember what is of flesh and blood can’t inherit the kingdom of God. This mortal body can’t enter in. Only the one that’s born of His Spirit. ❤ blessings sis!

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  2. Where to I find my daughter and thank him for protecting her and loving her. Since I didn’t get to hold her I hope that the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes for the very first time was his face.

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