Recently, I decided to take a break from social media over this past weekend, especially since my family and I went on vacation! With that being said, I thought it would be the right time to completely not be on social media and focus more on living in the moment.

For the weekend, I deleted all my social media apps off of my phone and it honestly was the most freeing thing ever!

Even on the road, I focused more on myself instead of looking at what everyone else was doing in their life on social media. It can be so toxic and I wanted a break from all of it.

Once I unplugged from social media, I enjoyed being on the road in the middle of no where and just looking at my surroundings – that says a lot, especially coming from me!

I remember last year when my family and I would do our annual road trips, I had so much anxiety just from being in the car and I was constantly watching the road. In my mind, I thought that the driver needed another set of eyes, so we wouldn’t get in a car accident. People drive crazy and some people just don’t care (It makes me so mad when I see people texting & driving). By keeping my eyes on the road in the car, it was as if I had a sense of control and that if I looked out for everyone in the car, then it would prevent us from being in a accident.

Honestly, that would cause me so much stress and anxiety like no other! This time, I decided I was going to distract myself and I actually wanted to have a much peaceful road trip compared to last year with me having anxiety about being in another car accident.

As my family and I were on the road, I put my earphones in and started listening to several Podcasts because we were in the car for awhile. By the way, I found some that I have really enjoyed listening to and hopefully, that blog post will be coming soon about my favorite podcasts to listen to!

If you haven’t done a social media detox before, I encourage you to do so and here are a few reasons why you should take frequent breaks from social media:

You won’t be comparing strangers to yourself

This one is HUGE! When you take a break from being on social media, you won’t be seeing what everyone else is doing and thinking, “Why can’t I look like her?” or “Why can’t I travel the world like this person?” Believe me, I have been there too, especially with the travel comment – I haven’t ever been out of the United States before like into another continent (Shocking, I know!).

Anyways, those thoughts you had from scrolling on social media, it will all go away when you do detox from it and you will start to notice that you’re focusing more on yourself.

You’ll have so much time to do things you love doing

For me, this was taking the time to listen to Podcasts, coloring, being present in the moment, and spending even more time with family. I also spent time away from scrolling on Pinterest and I counted that as social media for me since I am constantly pinning things from the Kylie’s Corner & More blog!

You’ll also have more time to be productive and have you ever realized how much you spend just from being on social media?

You won’t have any stress from trying to be “perfect” by living up the standards of society

Yes, to this one!! We have been told that every single thing about us and our life needs to be perfect. What even is perfect?? Why should we try to change something about us that society disagrees with? That’s not how God created us to be – we were made in His image and we’re so beautiful in His eyes. He made each of us to be unique and we weren’t born to be perfect!

If I still haven’t persuaded you into doing a social media detox for yourself, please just try it out and let me know what you think! We all need a break from it every once in awhile. It’s crazy to think that I used to be that person who would be on social 24/7 without being away from it for a short period of time. Now, I have found that I enjoy detoxing from social media and sometimes I think what life would be life if social media didn’t ever exist. It’s so crazy to think about!

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Get offline. Free your mind. Go outside. Look up at the sky. Take in the beauty of the real world. Exchange a smile. Disconnect to reconnect.


17 thoughts on “Why You Should Take Frequent Breaks From Social Media

  1. Just sounds so freeing!! It’s crazy.. this is my only social media, but giving up Facebook sounds like escaping! Lol..

    I’m thoroughly convinced it does more damage than good and if anything else, just spies on people…

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      1. It’s their everything! And that’s scary! Their means for information, news, updates everything!

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      2. You’re absolutely right! It reminds me of the media and internet in North Korea, only 1 of everything. And it’s all government regulated….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post Kylie! It’s the whole truth with each point you give why we must detox from it. I’ve been there! And the more you stay away from it the better it is! I was addicted to it before but now I have my limitations and I use it as a platform to minister to the lost. 🙂 I love that tweet at the end! So true! Disconnect to Reconnect with Life ❤ blessings!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Tammy! I’ve been there as well and we all have experienced being addicted to it! That’s such an amazing way to use your platform☺️ you noticed the new feature! If you have Twitter, you can click the tweet button underneath it and tweet it!😊 Blessings to you as well✨💗

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