I have watched a Joel Olesteen video on YouTube and she talked about wanting to find answers in every little thing God puts us through. We tend to ask ourselves, “Why, God? Why are you putting me through this? I pray for some clarity in my life because I don’t know the reason behind any of this.” Have you ever wanted to know why God has put you through something, but you don’t have all of the answers at the moment? Don’t worry, I have been there too and I tend to overanalyze every little thing. We honestly have to trust God’s process.

This goes hand in hand with listening to your gut and when something feels off or you feel like something is really wrong, your gut is correct most of the time. However, it can be incorrect at times, but we should still listen to it no matter what.

The way I see it, our gut is like God is trying to tell us something before it happens or before something gets worse than it already is. By listening to your gut, it is going to help you to be aware and this is similiar to being mindful of your emotions.

If you feel like something in your life is truly wrong, then maybe something is wrong and please, please don’t let anyone else tell you other wise. Listen to how your body is feeling and if it feels off. If someone does tell you, “Oh, you’re fine.” or “it’s nothing.” Please do not take their word for it. You shouldn’t think that everything is ok since someone told you that it is. Honestly, my brain was going in circles when this happened to me and I thought to myself, “Kylie, you shouldn’t feel that way. Everything is okay.”

There was a time where my gut was right and I so happened to listen to it – I’m so thankful that I did because it has explained everything so far!

If I wouldn’t have listened to how I felt, I would probably still be confused and I trust God more than ever because of it.

I’m cutting this story short for now and there is so much more to it that I want to tell y’all. The thing with God is that we need to trust Him through everything, even in the darkness when we just don’t have all of the answers given to us. You know why He leaves us with so unanswered questions? He wants our faith to grow stronger and that we will eventually trust Him. I know, it can be scary with just not knowing what God has planned for you, but He always has a reason as to why things happen.

That’s why it is so important to trust your gut because it is hardly ever wrong and most importantly, trust God throughout the entire process.

There are so many blessings coming your way and sometimes, we don’t need to know all of the answers as to why something has happened to us. Everything will turn out the way God wants it to. He wants you to trust Him through all of it.

Have you ever experienced your gut being right about something? Has it ever been wrong? I’m curious to know!

When you find the time, please listen to “Why God” by Austin French. I encourage you to watch the video, it is so touching and I haven’t ever heard this song before until I saw it on YouTube – It is such a perfect song for this topic!

“Why God do we feel so alone? Every single day. Fighting through the pain, hoping there is hope? I don’t understand, but I understand. Why God, I need You. It’s, why God, I run to Your arms. Over and over again. It’s why God, I cling to Your love and hold on for dear life. And I find, You are right by my side.”

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“Trust your intuition. You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, just trust your own guidance, it knows best.”


9 thoughts on “Why You Should Listen To Your Gut Feeling

  1. Amen! Yes! Thank you Lord! I’ve been there and I continued to trust God and He’s giving me the answers as to why a lot these days! I love hearing His voice! I’m learning it so much more better. And I’m seeing what I’m going through is actually for my good. For His perfect will and purpose to be done in my life for His glory. 🙂 He’s so good. Continue to trust God at all times. He knows what He’s doing. I trusted my gut feelings a couple of times and most of the times, they were right and a few times wrong. I tend to seek God first and if He says don’t go, I don’t go and if He says go, we go. Blessings & strength!

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    1. I have been too and I’m thankful He’s showing you the reasons why He has put your through certain things in your life! Amen to that!🙌🏻 most of mine have been right too. I love that and we should always listen to what He’s wanting us to do! Blessings and strength to you too, Tammy✨💗

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  2. “If someone does tell you, “Oh, you’re fine.” or “it’s nothing.” Please do not take their word for it.”


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