I just wanted to put that warning there before I get into this blog post! I will also be putting that warning on my blog posts only if it is a sensitive topic, so it won’t be on every single one of them.

With that being said, let’s get into this! Ever since I started working out, I have found that I love doing it. It also got me thinking about my “why” for working out, like the reason why I choose to workout.

Some people might think that I did it just because I wanted to lose weight or had this urge to look a certain way since I hated my body – nope, not at all!! The thing is that I actually loved myself for who I was on the inside to the point I didn’t realize the way I looked on the outside. Sadly, it’s the opposite way around for most people where they notice what’s on the outside first instead of focusing on themselves internally. These people pick apart every single one of their “flaws” and they wish to have someone else’s body. My heart hurts for them and if you’re going through that similiar situation, I want to tell you that you’re beautiful just the way you are, and beauty should lie within us – it doesn’t matter what you look on the outside, having such a beautiful spirit on the inside is what matters the most!

I’m honestly thankful that I still loved myself back then and that I didn’t have this urge to change the way my body looked like. I know, girls go through this especially when society tells them that being “skinny” is beautiful than any other body type.

I definitely viewed myself through God’s eyes, and I still do.

Here’s my “why” for working out:

Helps My Mental Health

This one is the number one reason I started working out in the first place! I was honestly at my lowest point leading up to working out and I had so much anxiety. I was fighting my battles in the dark and I was tired of the way I was feeling. I explain everything in this blog post in case you missed it! Working out and most importantly, God has saved me and made me who I am today – I have blossomed.

Makes Me Feel Confident

Another huge “why!” I don’t remember myself ever being this confident where I can put on anything and feel satisfied in what I’m wearing instead of worrying about what others might think. Ever since I saw a difference in my body from working out, I honestly didn’t care what anyone thought about me and it made me love myself even more because of that.

I Love Myself Enough To Take Care Of My Body

This one has been a work in process, but I’m learning that I need to be listening to my body more and taking care of it – our health is so important and what you do today is going to have an impact on your future. That’s the way I see it, so we need to start taking care of ourselves now. You are so important and this world needs you, please make an effort to start taking care of your body. You Matter.

This reason is also why I recently added going for a walk outside to my workout routine twice a week.

I’m More Mindful About What I’m Putting In My Body And How My Body Reacts To Certain Foods

This is the last reason for why I workout! I love eating healthy now and I have noticed that my body feels so much better when I do. With that being said, my body can’t handle what I used to eat anymore and I try my best to avoid certain foods. Y’all, I used to be that girl who would say yes to anything that people would offer me to eat because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. This time, I put myself first when it comes to eating instead of worrying that I’m going to hurt someone else’s feelings if I reject the food they are offering me!

To end this blog post, here’s another transformation picture! The picture from 2015 was on Christmas Day and the 2019 picture is me as of recently.

I still love the girl on the left who honestly didn’t like her picture taken by other people because of the way she looked. She would rather take a picture of herself instead since the picture would turn out better. Obviously, I don’t think that anymore, and I do love looking at pictures of myself before I started to workout.

It’s so crazy to me because I never saw what I see now when I look at them and compare them to the 2019 Kylie. I’m still proud of the girl on the left, she knew her inner beauty and knew that she was beautiful in God’s eyes no matter other people thought about her.

This was such a long post and I hope it inspired one of you. It’s so important to find your “why” in the things you love to do and they are the reasons why you do what you do. Your “why’s” motivate you to keep on going no matter what anyone says or thinks about it. Keep on being you, your true self and don’t ever give up. What is your “why?”

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“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

9 thoughts on “My “Why” For Working Out

  1. You look amazing! But I agree that having a beautiful spirit is most important. I totally relate to your reasons why you love to work out. I also feel better when I exercise! And you’re right that how we treat our bodies today will affect us in the long run.

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