Hey, my sweet friends! Since Summer is coming to a close for me very soon, I want to share my goals for this Fall semester!

Feel free to let me know what your goals are for this last half of 2019 by leaving a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

It’s so crazy to think that we are almost finished with 2019 and forget Summer, I am so looking forward to Fall & cold weather! Who is with me? Honestly, it has been so hot here in Texas and that’s why I’m looking forward to colder weather here, but sometimes, we literally have Winter for a few days and that’s it – it does get warm in the Winter too!

Anyways, I’m getting so excited about the weather changing soon! I hope you reading this blog post about goals will inspire you to make your own and even if you’re not in college, I encourage you to still make goals for this last half of 2019.

Here are my goals for this Fall semester:

I want to become more organized once the semester starts

Most of the time, I am organized and everything in my room has its own place so I know where something is when I need it. However, my room does tend to get messy during the semester since I’m always busy working on assignments. I want to work on that because when I do have things organized, it lowers my stress and it also makes me happy when I do organize! Is that just me?

I want to live in the moment more instead of worrying about everything that I will be doing in these classes I’ll be taking

Let me elaborate more on this goal. I’m usually that person who looks far ahead of the assignments and worry about that one assignment in the future that is literally weeks away, and I forget to focus on what I need to do in the present for a class. I know, I’m probably not the only one that does this! I want to work on living in the moment this semester because worrying about an assignment only stresses me even more out, and I do not need that added stress in my life!

Take each day little by little

Last semester, I didn’t do this and I focused more on the negatives like, waking up early at 6AM to get ready and then drive to class that started at 9AM. Honestly, my fear of driving is still there, especially since it’s about an hour drive to get to class! I need to focus more on the postive side: the classes that I will be taking are there to help me become the best teacher I can be for my future students. I need to keep that in mind throughout this semester!

STOP Worrying

This one is huge for me! I worry too much. I need to truly believe that everything is going to work out on how God intended it to be. If things don’t go my way, then I know that God has something better in store for me – I just need to trust His process.

It’s funny to think that when I enrolled for classes back in last Fall for the Spring classes I took last semester, I was waitlisted for one of my classes that I needed to take that semester! Sidenote: waitlisted means that the class you’re wanting to take is full, so they put you on a list just in case someone ends up not taking the class. If that’s the case, you will be enrolled in that class if you are number one on the waitlist. Anyways, I ended up taking only three classes instead of four last semester and I believe that God had a reason for doing that because those three classes definitely kept me so busy!

Then, I was also worrying about taking Summer classes because enrolling for classes you want is so stressful – you have to be quick in order to get the classes you want because it fills up FAST!

Lastly, I have worried about the Kylie’s Corner & More blog and about what if I don’t have time for it when I am teaching. It has hurt me to think about that – I do love writing blog posts for y’all to read each week and I do want to become a Kindergarten teacher. That’s what I’m going to college for and very soon, I will be doing my first internship (student teaching). It’s crazy to think that next Fall during this time, I will be starting my first internship and then, the Spring of 2021, the only thing I will have left is my second internship, then I graduate!

By the way, I have already found a routine that I do for writing these blog posts and so far, it has been working for me!

Finding More Time To Connect With The Kylie’s Corner & More Family

Last one! If you’re a blogger who follows this blog, I try my best to also read your blog posts that you put out on your blog. I have noticed that last semester, I focused all my time on assignments to the point I didn’t have enough energy to read and comment on different blogs that I follow. I want to find a balance between that and I think I have already found something that will help me with this goal!

I hope this blog posts about goals for the 2019 Fall semester has inspired you to create your own goals for yourself! What is your goal/goals that you want to accomplish before 2019 ends? Let me know in the comment section of this blog post!

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“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”


5 thoughts on “Fall Semester: 2019 Goals

  1. Good tips and they sound workable! I know how worrying can be and it’s not healthy to the mind or soul. God doesn’t wants us to worry but you know how the flesh can be sometimes! Rest in Him and allow Him to guide you in His ways always. I pray that it will be a blessed & successful semester! God is with you on the good and bad days, but it’s all working out for your good for His purpose to be done in your life. 🙂 being organized had lessen my stressing, anxiety & over thinking. So stick to that! Blessings & strength.

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