This is kinda similar to the post about how to stop worrying about what other people think of you; however, I’m going in a totally different direction with this one!

Have you ever tried to be someone you’re not? Be honest with yourself.

We have probably all been there at one point in our lives.

Our real self will be exposed eventually and the truth will finally come out if you try to be someone else.

Think about this: when you were a child, did you ever think about other people’s expectations of you? Did it ever occur to you that people do have opinions about you? This question is still geared towards when you were a child. Do you remember having these thoughts as a child: “What would people think of me if I do this?” “What would people say?” “I can’t do this because people are going to judge me for it.”

Do you ever remember saying those things to yourself and asking yourself those questions when you were a child?

Honestly, I don’t ever remember my little self wondering what someone would think of me if I did something – I would just do it, that just never crossed my mind.

I bet you can relate to that too. Everything started changing once we entered Middle School and maybe it was High School for you when you were attempting to be someone you’re not. Why, you ask? Society happened. The world began to pressure us into thinking we must need to act a certain way and do every little thing in a specific way/order. We start to question ourselves and we care more about what others think of us instead of what we long for.

If you’re going through this, I want to give you some advice.

Chase your dreams like no one is watching you, and believe me, people are always watching your every move. They are waiting until you make a mistake or make a wrong decision in your life.

Everyone has a different perspective and we were all made to be different.

There is no right or wrong way to do things.

Stop apologizing for being yourself.

Don’t take your life so serious – for real, try to find the humor in everything! (I’m working on this one, it’s kinda difficult for me)

You’re loved.

You’re unique.

You’re cherished.

God knows what you’re going through – He sees it. He knows.

There is not one thing that is wrong with you.

You will get through this with God by your side.

You’re wanted by God – yes, He does want you.

God never once abandon you when everyone left. He has got you.

God hasn’t forgotten about you.

It’s crazy if we could see what God sees through His eyes, we probably wouldn’t want to change anything about us.

Why can’t we do that now? It’s time to just not care about what other people think – it’s your life and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing, especially about whether or not you’re good enough.

God loves you just the way you are and that should be enough.

You can be anything you put your mind to. Believe it. Dream it. Pray about it. Let those worries go.

When you find the time, please listen to “Wanted” by Danny Gokey. It’s such a beautiful song and to be honest, I got emotional while listening to it. I love the meaning behind this song.

You’re more than all your darkest moments

You are defined by what I see

You’re my reflection, you’re my treasure, you’re my heartbeat

Oh, child, you belong to Me, yeah

‘Cause if you would see it through My eyes

You’d know that you are wanted

If you’d let my love inside, I’ll show you that you’re wanted

Oh, not rejected, not unwelcome

You’re wanted, oh, you’re wanted

Not abandoned, not forgotten

You’re wanted, oh, you’re wanted

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Chase your dreams like no one is watching you, and believe me, people are always watching your every move. They are waiting until you make a mistake or make a wrong decision in your life.” – Kylie’s Corner & More


23 thoughts on “Be Yourself, Especially When People Are Watching

  1. Wow! This spoke to me so deeply! This is one of my biggest hurdles, but I’m getting through it day by day with my Father’s help ❤ "Stop apologizing for being yourself." 😦 YES! This!!! I have to stop it! May God continue to write through you for His glory! Blessings & grace. Do keep me and my family in your prayers. Salvation for my unsaved members. Me:- concerning this same hurdle, wisdom, strength, guidance and clarity. 🙂 thanks in advance.

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