If you are a guy reading this, you might want to not read this post because what I’m going to talk about is personal and ladies, y’all know what I’m talking about! I’m honestly kinda afraid to write a blog post about this, but what keeps me going is that there might be a girl reading this right now who is currently going through what I have been going through, and they just don’t know. I’m doing this series because my heart has told me to, and I want to educate others about how important it is to take care of their health. 

Before I get into everything, you need to know something about me: I barely go to the doctor – the only time I do go is when I’m sick, which I hardly ever get sick. The last time I went to a doctor was when I had a horrible ear infection to the point my ear drum busted, and I was in so much pain (that happened in 2017). 

Since I have been in college, I try to schedule appointments during the winter and summer breaks because as a college student, it is difficult to try to schedule them during the busy semester. 

Me taking care of myself used to be something like this: 

Care about others and help them

Focus on college and get my assignments done

Take care of myself 

Myself would always come last and I had someone who helped made me realize that. 

Someone said, “Kylie, you take care of everyone else but yourself, and that needs to change.” 

That person was right and still is. 

I would always forget to take care of myself and that has changed.

Now, I want to get into what I have been dealing with for the past year or so. Yes, it has been a year. 

I have talked about how I started to workout and if you haven’t read that blog post, you should. I started working out on April 17. 2018. A few months passed, I started to bleed before my period on July 30, 2018. It was kinda alarming to me because I haven’t ever bled outside of my period before. I told myself, “I will just wait until next month to see if it happens again.” Guess what? The next month came and it happened again. Then, again. This wouldn’t happen every single month because it would skip a few months and then happen again. I documented all of this by putting it all in my notes app on my phone. 

I kept ignoring it and hoped that the bleeding would go away. I should have gone to the doctor right away and not wait because things started to get worse. 

In July of 2019, I discovered my first long chin hair on the right side of my chin. It was only one and thank God it was light blonde, so it didn’t stand out! I ended up shaving it with one of those eyebrow shavers (you have probably seen them before) and I was thinking, “Ok, I shaved it and so the hair shouldn’t come back in a long time.” Ha, I honestly have to laugh at myself because that is not what happened! 

In a couple of days, the hair started growing back and then, a few months passed, I started getting several long hairs on the right side of my chin. It seemed like they kept on growing longer and longer as each month passed. 

I was going to shave all of them off, but I haven’t done that yet. I feel the need to keep them there right now and you will see why soon. Believe me, I have a purpose for not shaving them. 

Then, another thing happened, and it made me take action right away… 

On June 19, 2019, early in the morning and before I had to go to my summer college class, I had horrible cramps, everything was going dark and I felt so dizzy – I was about to pass out. I also ended up throwing up (gross, I know.) On this day, it was my first day of being on my period. I had to lay down until the cramps would stop and I didn’t even want to eat anything. Luckily, it stopped before I had to drive to class and I knew I wasn’t sick, plus I needed to go on this day to class because of course, I had a group project due. 

This scared me, a lot. 

It concerned me and still does because out of all of the periods I have had; I don’t remember EVER throwing up. Ever. 

I told my mom that I think I need to go to the Doctor because I was even scared of the next period for the next month.

She kept saying that I was fine, but I still wanted to get my hormone levels tested. 

With all of the bugging I did, my mom scheduled my appointment for July 25, 2019…

I’m telling you all of this because I have realized how important it is to start taking care of myself and if you feel like something is wrong, please make that Doctor’s appointment and go. If you tell yourself, “I will wait and see if it happens next month” like I did, please don’t wait because you will catch yourself saying that each month. Also, don’t ever place your health in someone else’s hands nor go by their word when they think that everything is fine with you. Please go to the Doctor, you only have one body and you need to start taking care of it. When it comes to your health, you must put yourself first.

The quote above is so true. If you’re afraid to go to the Doctor, please let this blog post serve as a sign. I know that it’s difficult to not think about the what ifs and that you’re afraid that something is actually wrong with your body. Once you do make that first step of going to the Doctor, all of the worries will stop because you will know if something is wrong instead of worrying about the unknown every single month.

Remember: there is only one you, so please take care of yourself if you haven’t already. Make that appointment. Talk to your Doctor. Please do something.

I know this isn’t a Kylie’s Corner where I normally tell you to listen to a song at the end of each one, but for this series, I’m going to have different songs that relate to what I felt/feel at the time because music honestly speaks to me and I hope the songs I suggest inspires you.

So please listen to Through All Of It by Colton Dixon.

You were there when it all came down on me
When I was blinded by my fear
And I struggled to believe
But in those unclear moments
You were the one keeping me strong
This is how my story’s always gone

Click on the image above and it will take you to the second part of this blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of the series.


5 thoughts on “Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself First

  1. I’m a guy and I kept reading 😁😝

    Serenity though, we do have to take care of ourselves! I’m glad you took heed to your abnormal signs and did something about them!

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