From posting the Be Your Beautiful Self blog post, I have realized something…

In that blog post, there is a picture of me without any makeup on and I show you a glimpse of my chin hair.

As I was writing that blog post, I realized that we need to point out our flaws to other people in order to free us from it.

I’m not saying that you need to complain about something you don’t like about yourself to someone else – not at all!

I’m saying that you need to show people the real you and be proud of yourself for it!

When people know what you have been struggling with, you won’t feel as if you can’t ever talk about it because you, yourself, put that out there.

You won’t have that feeling of being ashamed of your flaw.

Honestly, we all struggle with something that we don’t like about ourselves, but it is a part of us, and we need to accept that this is who we are.

In God’s eyes, we’re flawless and that should be enough for us to stop pointing out our flaws in a negative way.

Believe it or not, there is a positive side to pointing out your flaws.

When you actually show people and share it with the world on social media, you’ll feel brave for doing it and it will also make you stronger.

Do it for the ones who are too afraid to show people the real them.

Do it because it will free you from your insecurities.

Acknowledge your flaw to yourself.

Point it out to yourself and tell yourself, “this is me and I am going to accept it.”

Even when you think negatively about your flaw, still tell yourself, “this is me and I am going to accept it.”

I encourage you to try that the next time you’re tearing yourself apart – let people see the real you. You never know, you might inspire that someone who is scared to tell people their struggles and insecurities to finally be brave, and share it with others. Then, the cycle keeps on going where someone else will feel inspired and share something they struggle with, too.

Do it to inspire someone.

Do it to help someone realize that they aren’t alone.

Lastly, do it for yourself, too because you will finally free yourself from whatever you have been struggling with.

Now is the time to… positively point it out to others and show them how you overcome this.

When you find the time, please listen to “Hello Beautiful” by MercyMe.

No more
I quit
I’ve had enough
I wasn’t made for this
To all the lies that have tried
To cripple me with doubt
I think it’s time to say goodbye
I know who I am now
Part of me says I’d be smart to walk away
But before I leave, I think I need to call you out by name

Goodbye regret
Goodbye alone
Goodbye to emptiness
Say hello to beautiful
Goodbye afraid
Goodbye ashamed
Goodbye to hopelessness
Say hello to beautiful

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When you point out your flaws positively, you’re freeing yourself from them.”


15 thoughts on “Point It Out

  1. You’re posts always leave me self examining myself. The thing is I don’t have a problem pointing them out at all. The problem is I don’t accept them cause I don’t like them and don’t want it to remain with me. Pray for me where that is concerned. God bless you abundantly! He is truly evident upon each message you bring from Him for His glory! Continue to grow in His ways & wisdom. ❤

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