This is the third part of the series – if you haven’t read the first part or the second, I encourage you to read those first and then this one because it won’t make sense if you start reading this blog post first before the other two.

I received my blood results from all 12 vials of my blood and my Doctor tested it for a lot of different things. Everything was in the normal range except for my Vitamin D and DHEA-S (I will explain what that is).

My Vitamin D was low – it was a 16 and it needs to be around 30 in order for it to be in the normal range, so I was deficiency in Vitamin D and it was way below average.

My Doctor prescribed me Vitamin D2 and told me that I need to take one each week for twelve weeks (it’s a strong dosage). Once the twelve weeks are up, she told me that I need to get my Vitamin D level tested again by doing another blood test.

The very first thing I did when my Doctor prescribed me the Vitamin D2, I researched every little thing about this vitamin I had to take because I wanted to know if there wouldn’t be any side effects and what it would do to my body. If you don’t do your research about the different supplements and/or medication you take, you should start doing it now – I’m a college student and I’m constantly researching things for assignments, so that was my first instinct. I needed to educate myself about Vitamin D2. On the first day of taking Vitamin D2, it scared me because I read how one of the side effects can cause seizures and how an individual can’t take this vitamin with their seizure medication. It alarmed me because I have a history with seizures and even though I haven’t had a seizure since I was 8 years old and haven’t been on medication for seizures in a really long time, I feared that my seizures would come back.

Thank God that I haven’t had any side effects or seizures while taking Vitamin D2 and it has been eight weeks since I have been taking it, so I have four more weeks left!

I honestly didn’t expect my Vitamin D to be low and I have seen a lot of changes in myself: I have a lot more energy to do things (I don’t feel that tired anymore), I feel like I’m overall so happy compared to how I was before, and I have more positive thoughts instead of negative ones! Another thing I have been doing to help my Vitamin D level is that I have made going for a walking outside as a priority in my life. I started incorporating going for a walk in my workout routine once I found out that I was low on Vitamin D. Walking outside has grown on me and it’s like meditation for me – I talk to God while listening to Christian music as I walk!

Now, here is the the second thing and I was kinda expecting it. As I was going through my blood results, I was looking at the letters, ‘DHEA-S’ and I really didn’t know what it was, but all I knew that it was high. very high.

My DHEA-S level was at a 567. It needed to be below 321 in order for it to be in the normal range. Mine was a 567.

I knew that couldn’t be good, so I looked up what DHEA-S is.

According to the Mayo Clinic, DHEA is a hormone called, Dehydroepiandrosterone and it functions in the adrenal gland. DHEA includes the hormones, testosterone and estrogen.

You guys. Once I learned what DHEA is, everything started making sense to me! I had this instinct that something wasn’t right, like I felt off and I didn’t feel like myself at all. I even remember telling myself that I wasn’t crazy because before these results, I knew that everything that has been happening to my body has to be because of my hormones; I was right and I’m so thankful I listened to my instinct. Do y’all remember reading the blog post I wrote about why you need to listen to your gut feeling? I wrote it during the time I received my blood results and my results were the reason why I wrote that blog post.

Finding out that everything that has been happening with my body was because of my hormones and how high they were (& still are) literally explained it all. I don’t know what is making my DHEA-S so high and I’m trying to get to the root cause of it because from the countless of research I have been doing, having a high level of DHEA-S is not good at all. I know there has to be some way to help lower it and I will be taking y’all along on this journey with me because it’s been quite a journey!

Lastly, my Doctor prescribed me meloxicam, which is pain medicine and told me to take it only when I’m on my period. With that being said, I have only taken it once when on my period and I haven’t taken it again. I actually stopped taking it because I researched what meloxicam can do to your body overtime and I just don’t like taking pain medicine when it comes to being on my period. However, I do take Midol at times and that is only when my cramps are really bad!

My Doctor then referred me to a women’s doctor to explain the hormonal aspects of my results…

Click on the image above and it will take you to the fourth part of this blog post! I hope you learned something in the third part because it was informational. I also want to thank you for following me along on this journey with me because I don’t know what’s going to happen; only God knows.

So, the take aways from this blog post are: if you have been having a lot of hormonal problems like I have been having, make sure you go to the Doctor and see if they can get your blood tested for the different hormones and DHEA-S to make sure your levels are all in the normal range. Also, do your research and do what is best for your body!

Please listen to “Better Because Of It” by Danny Gokey. This song describes this third part of the series – I know that God has a reason for all of this and He is making me stronger because of it. I know someone out there needs to hear my story and that is why I decided to do these series of blog posts about my health in the first place.

Someone’s gonna need your story to get them through the night
Someone’s gonna see His glory, by the way, He won your fight
There’s a breaking in the waiting
And the storm keeps bearing down
But there’s hope even though, even though

You can’t understand the pain of your road
He’s in the future, He knows something you don’t
One day, you’ll see, you’ll be on the other side of this
All done with it
Better because of it, because of it
Better because of it, oh

Everything that you think will break you
Are the things that He’ll use to make you
So hold on longer, so hold on
Everything that you think will kill you
Are the things that He’ll use to build you
So you’ll be stronger, you’ll be
You’re better because of it

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