This is the fourth part of the series – if you haven’t read the first part, I encourage you to start there before you read this one because it will make a lot of sense if you start from the beginning. FYI: When you’re done reading the first part, there is an ‘until next time…’ graphic and underneath it is the next blog post to it. When you click on that picture that is underneath the ‘until next time…,” it will take you to the next part of the series. So you will be able to read the three blog posts plus this one! I can’t believe we’re on the fourth part of this crazy journey.

So I went to a women’s Doctor and it was honestly my first time ever to go to one.

I told her all about my hormonal issues that I have been having and the first thing I told her was that I don’t want to be on birth control.

I knew that hormonal imbalances = Doctors wanting their patient to go on birth control to try to “fix” it.

I have done my research about birth control and I don’t want to put my body through all of that. If you’re on birth control and reading this, I’m not judging you for being on it because if it is what’s best for you, then that’s great.

I have a different opinion about birth control and I have read that someone who is on birth control has a high risk of different cancers.

Birth control is also like a band-aid because when someone does get off of it, their hormones are just going to go back to how they were before birth control and it may even be worse. It’s basically like a quick-fix, but it doesn’t fix the problem at all.

Birth control can also affect your mental health and I’m at this point in my life where I feel content with where my mental health is at right now. I will probably talk about this in another blog post, but I’m just so proud of where it’s at!

So, y’all know where I stand with birth control now.

My Doctor asked me why I didn’t want to be put on birth control and I simply told her that I didn’t want to my body through that.

I could tell that she was all for birth control and when she asked me why, it felt like as if I need to prove myself to her – it was intimidating.

She told me how birth control would make my periods less painful. She added that if I don’t want to be on it, then I would suffer with the painful periods and settle by only taking Midol.

At this point, I just kept my mouth shut because I knew where she stood with birth control and honestly, I was the one who brought birth control up in the first place because I wanted to make sure that she knew that I didn’t want to be on it, even before she tried prescribing me it!

This appointment was a lot for me to take in…

My Doctor told me that she wanted me to get my DHEA-S tested again and if it was still high, then she would refer me to an Endocrinologist.

So I went to get it tested once again and thank goodness I didn’t almost pass out this time because they were only taking one vial of my blood!

My DHEA-S went down some, but not as much.

The last time I got it tested, it was at a 567 and it needs to be under 321 for it to be in the normal range. Now, this second time, it was at a 534. Still high.

I knew what was coming next and sure enough, I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist on November 1, 2019…

My goal at the end of this is to try to find a way to lower my DHEA-S naturally and without taking birth control. Even if that means going to a Naturopathic Doctor, then I will.

I was in a dark place during this time and I felt as if I was left in the dark, but I’m much better now. The reason why I have been going through this entire process is because of my health and I’m going to make sure that it is taken care of.

I want you to know that you need to become an advocate for yourself if you haven’t already.

Being an advocate for your health means that you will research the types of medication you’re putting into your body and do not go with what your Doctor tells you. You need to do the research as well!

It’s okay to not take the medication your Doctor prescribed you if you feel uncomfortable taking it.

You have the right to say no and stand up for yourself.

You have the right to do what is best for your body when it comes to taking medication.

Remember when I said how I was prescribed a pain medicine called, Meloxicam to take only for my periods and I only took it once? I didn’t feel comfortable taking it and so, I stopped. Even though it was prescribed to me, I knew that I had an option to not take it and I really don’t like taking pain medicine for my periods, unless it’s so painful.

Please don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and you have to learn how to speak up for yourself, especially when it has to deal with your own body!

The fifth blog post of this series is now up! Click on the image above and it will take you to the fifth part of this blog post! Thank y’all so much for following me on this journey with me and I do enjoy documenting every detail of this experience, especially with how I feel all about this, so thank you.

I know that this content is different from what I normally post on the Kylie’s Corner & More blog, but I am documenting everything because I want to educate other people about this and even if there’s nothing wrong with me or my hormones, I have at least taken care of myself by going to the Doctor.

The song, Fighting For Me by Riley Clemmons describes this fourth blog post of the series. I know that God is fighting for me.

You will never stop fighting for me
When I can’t fight for myself
Every word is a promise You keep
Cause You love me like nobody else

You stand up for me
In the darkest night
When my faith is weak
You’re still by my side
You will never stop fighting for me
You will never stop fighting for me

In the perfect timing
You make all things right
You paint a silver lining
In this heart of mine

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Voice Your Concerns

  1. I’m proud of you for advocating for yourself. We all have to do so and fully understand why we are making choices. I am thankful you are sharing this because you never know who may be struggling the same way and not realize there is someone else who has a problem. I look forward to seeing what God does next and how He leads you. Thanks for being courageous and sharing this.

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    1. Aw, thank you for your sweet words, Shell! So true! I’m thankful I’m sharing this too and this is something that I hardly ever talk about on here! Thank you for being with me through this journey and I can’t wait to see what God does next, too. I felt like God wanted me to speak up about this and He has definitely put it on my heart. Thank you for reading it, Shell✨💗

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  2. As I read this from you –“Being an advocate for your health means that you will research the types of medication you’re putting into your body and do not go with what your Doctor tells you. You need to do the research as well!” I could only think about my father who refused to think that a doctor might not know everything or do a complete reading of your medical history. H would say things like “well I think the doctor knows what he is talking about, he went to school for it” or dad was real bad about not telling one doctor what another did or gave him, I warned him once that with his medical history he should never take a certain antibiotic and sure enough he kept taking it and it killed his kidneys, Even myself, I face doctors trying to throw pain killers at me and I tell them the effect I face taking them, you would think I had two heads. You go girl, do what you feel is best for your body and soul.

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    1. Yes, that’s exactly what I was talking about when I wrote that sentence and I thought about the people who do everything their doctor says without even researching what their taking. I’m sorry about your dad and I think we fully trust doctors because of their credentials, but they really don’t know everything. Same here, I was taking a pain killer that had a long-term effect where it would eventually harm my body if I continued to take it for a long time. Luckily, I took it only once and then stopped because I didn’t feel comfortable taking it and the doctor continued to tell me that the pain medicine I was taking was fine, but what I read online said differently about it! It’s crazy how the doctor didn’t mention the long-term effects. I felt the same way! Thank you, I will and I hope you continue to do the same.✨💗


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