When I think of “Let There Be Peace,” I imagine God letting there be peace on the entire world.

When He does this, there won’t be any wars.

There won’t be any tragedies in our own lives and in the world.

We won’t be worrying about the future and wondering if we would be financially stable.

We won’t be struggling with the things we are struggling with now.

There won’t be any sides when it comes to politics and the government – we will all come together as one.

We will all feel loved and know that we do matter in this world.

There won’t be society telling us the standards of what we need to look like and be. We do not have to gain the world’s approval – if you’re a girl reading this, read that sentence again!

We won’t be comparing ourselves to others because we will finally be satisfied with how we’re living our own lives, and how we look.

The military will finally get to come home to their families.

People who don’t have a home, nothing to eat, or barely anything to wear, they will have peace and they will know that God is going to take care of them.

Children won’t have to worry about people shooting up their school and they will go back to being innocent children by not knowing what is happening in the world.

When God let’s there be peace on the entire world, all of our worries will go away and maybe just maybe, the world will actually become a better place than what it is today.

Back in August, I was creating the two Let There Be Peace designs and I was thinking about all of this.

I wanted to create something that has so much meaning behind it and I didn’t want the designs to be something that you could only wear once a year – that’s why the designs don’t go along with Christmas and the designs can be worn year round!

Like I have said, these are limited edition designs, so after November 20, 2019, they won’t be available to be purchased on the Live Your Faith store, so get them while you can!

When you purchase anything off of Live Your Faith, especially the Let There Be Peace designs, you will actually be giving back because all of the proceeds will go to the Giving Tree – I will talk more about the Giving Tree in next Wednesday’s blog post. Just know that you will be helping a child in need this Christmas and every single order matters.

Giving back is such a beautiful thing that warms my heart so much and this is honestly my most favorite time of the year because I participate in the Giving Tree each year – it’s like my own tradition that I do during Christmas time and now, I’m including the Kylie’s Corner & More family in this sweet tradition!

I hope each one of you prays about participating in this and you won’t regret it – the designs are cute AND you will be helping someone in need at the same time!

I look forward to explaining all the details about the Giving Tree and I do have a blog post from last year explaining ways you can give back; the Giving Tree is just one way you can give back during this time of year!

To order your Let There Be Peace product, click here and the page will lead you to another link – you will be on the Live Your Faith website and that is where you will order your Let There Be Peace product from!

Thank y’all so much and the Kylie’s Corner & More family will always mean so much to me.


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