The quote above sums up this blog post! Is it ironic that I’m watching a Hallmark Christmas movie as I’m writing this??

I have been thinking about writing this blog post ever since the Hallmark Christmas movies started on October 25 (I know, I’m talking about Christmas so early and it’s not even Thanksgiving, yet!). I’m also not that person who skips over Thanksgiving in November and has their tree up already – nope!

Anyways, if you don’t watch the Hallmark Christmas movies or even just Hallmark movies in general, you need to!

Well, for those who do watch the Hallmark Christmas movies, they always have the same plot, right? It’s always predictable, too!

Picture this:

There is this girl who is working for a successful company.

Her house is always so perfect for Christmas with lights all around the house and the inside is all decorated, too.

She is with a guy who is honestly, a complete jerk to her.

There is also someone else she would rather be with instead

She realizes it towards the end of the movie and then, she ends up with the second guy!

There are several Hallmark movies I can think of that have this same plot I just mentioned!

In the Hallmark world of Christmas, it’s always so perfect and even girls long to have the life of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

For real, everything is so perfect including the relationships and even having their boyfriend or husband help put the ornaments on the tree – so not real life!

Why do we long to have a perfect life? Did you know that life isn’t like how it is in the movies? People who create the movies attempts to show us what a perfect life would look like and we literally expect our lives to go that way like it is in the movies.

We all have these expectations painted in our minds and even since we were a child:

I am going to be successful when I grow up and be rich!

I am going to be married when I’m 21 and already have a house because you know, the twenties means that you’re an adult now and should already have your life together!

I’m going to go to college, graduate college, have my dream job, get married, buy a house, and start a family – all in that order at a specific time frame!

My health is so perfect – nothing is ever wrong!

Y’all, the list could go on and we have probably all thought the things I said above when we were little or we are thinking them now.

Yes, Hallmark movies are the best, but they paint an unrealistic image in our minds about what our lives should look like.

For me, I have always wanted to spend Christmas Day in New York City and even on New Years Eve! I haven’t ever been to New York and honestly, I haven’t seen the rest of the world, yet. I hope that will change soon because I do want to see the world and I haven’t ever been on an airplane before!

Our lives can’t even match a movie or be like it because our lives are unpredictable.

We have struggles that no one doesn’t even know about and we’re real people. We’re human and we also make mistakes. We weren’t created to have this perfect life of a Hallmark movie. We’re so much more than that.

Instead of a film producer creating the perfect vision of a movie, God is creating His vision for your life. He is writing His very own perfect vision of your life. He’s writing your story and it’s perfect in His eyes.

We shouldn’t be wishing our lives was like a movie because do we really want a predictable life like the hallmark movies? So boring!

God is in control and He can even make your life so crazy, but everything will be okay. Do you know why? God knows what He is doing, even though we don’t know right now and that’s the beauty of life.

God is in control and we need to accept that instead of wanting something that is so unrealistic.

When you find the time, please listen to “Only You Can” by Jeremy Camp.

“I need You to do what only You can

Only You can fight for my life when fear’s got me surrounded

Only You can

Only You can keep me believing when doubts got me drowning

‘Cause there’s no one else who can calm this storm

And there’s no one else who can save my soul

Only You can Only You can, God Only You can”

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2 thoughts on “Is Everything So Unrealistic?

  1. I love Hallmark movies!!! Love them!!! Great post Kylie. I definitely am guilty of getting caught up in what I want and doing so based upon what the world seems versus God’s desire. But I’ve been better the last year. Doesn’t make it easier when life isn’t what I expected even when I expect less but it’s getting easier to deal!

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