Every year when November comes around, I look forward to this – The Giving Tree. It’s technically not called The Giving Tree at my church and there are different names for it. For instance, I know that at other churches, they call it the Angel Tree. I just remember it being called The Giving Tree at my church ever since my first time I participated in this.

This year will mark year 5 of being a part of this and it’s honestly my own tradition that I do every year during Christmas time! Plus, it makes Christmas even more special!

If you haven’t ever heard of The Giving Tree before, I will explain it!

Towards the end of November, my church puts out a few Christmas trees at the back of the church. Instead of having ornaments on the trees, there are tiny tags hanging off of the branches. Each tag has the age of the individual, gender, and some suggestions that they are wanting – if it’s clothes or shoes, it usually has the sizes on the tag!

Believe it or not, there are even adults on The Giving Tree, so it’s just all children on it! Everyone on The Giving Tree, are in need and the families on it might not be able to afford too much for their children.

When we think of Christmas, we think of getting something underneath the tree. However, not everyone has a present waiting underneath their tree. Plus, not everyone has a tree to put up for Christmas. There are even children who only receive one present on Christmas Day, if that.

I think about all of these things and it makes me want to give even more every time I take part in The Giving Tree!

Anyways, once you bought something for someone on the tag (you can pick up multiple tags from the tree – I usually get two tags that are children.), you wrap their present, put the tag on top of the wrapped present, bring it back to church, and place it underneath The Giving Tree. Then, there are people who deliver the presents to the families before Christmas!

That basically sums up the process of participating in The Giving Tree!

It makes it so special for me because I know that some children don’t even own warm clothes during this time of year and I even make sure to think about that too when I go shopping for them. Another reason why I do this every year is because I am currently attending college to become an Elementary teacher and I know that by participating in The Giving Tree, I will be touching the lives of the children.

The Giving Tree will always hold a special place in my heart and it’s such a sweet tradition I do every year during this time!

With that being said, I want the Kylie’s Corner & More family to take part in this, too with me and that is why I designed the two Let There Be Peace designs!

When you purchase your Let There Be Peace product, 100% of the proceeds will go toward The Giving Tree! You have until November 20, 2019 by 5:00 PM CT to purchase yours! From there, I will be going shopping for us and buying something for the children that are on The Giving Tree. The products are also limited edition, which means that after November, 20, 2019, they will no longer be available to purchase, so this is a one time thing!

For more info about the Let There Be Peace designs and how to purchase yours, please click here!

Thank y’all so much and I truly appreciate all of you.


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