This blog post is a mix of different things that I will be talking about and it’s kinda an add on to the fifth blog post because I will be talking about the blood test results, the reason why I decided to replace coffee, and why I will be seeing a Naturopathic Doctor soon.

If you haven’t read the first blog post, you should start there because I explain everything that I have been through that made me take action by taking care of myself.

Let’s go over the test results!

My DHEA-S is now down to 501 and in September, it was 534, so it is slowly going down! I also think it’s because of some drinks I have been drinking that is causing my DHEA-S to go down and I will talk about them in this blog post! I am thankful that it is still going down instead of increasing.

My Endocrinologist tested my ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone), ACTH regulates cortisol levels and my ACTCH is 31, which is in the normal range.

I had my LH and FSH tested, they both have to do with where women are at in their cycle, so I don’t if they are in the normal range or not, so my LH is 8.2 and my FSH is 5.2 – again, I don’t if that is good or bad.

Lastly, I got my total testosterone tested and it’s kinda out of the normal range just by a little – mine is 55 and the normal range is 45.

So those are my blood test results and now, I’m going to talk to y’all about why I haven’t had coffee at all in two weeks!

There have been times where I have felt like coffee doesn’t even help me with energy and it only makes my stomach feel so miserable. I have been researching about how to lower DHEA-S and testosterone levels. I have discovered pepperment tea and it is supposed to lower testosterone. I have been drinking it hot with honey it in every night before I go to sleep. Even the week before I had to get these blood tests done, I was drinking pepperment tea every day and I didn’t skip a day. I am thinking that the pepperment tea is helping my DHEA-S level to slowly go down, so I do think it is helping with that! If you have a high DHEA-S level like I do, you should try drinking pepperment tea.

I have also been trying maca root powder because it is supposed to balance hormones, too. I have been making like a hot chocolate with it – I use almond milk, put in cacoa powder, the maca powder, and a packet of stevia, put it in the microwave for one minute and thiry seconds, then I blend all of it with a frother! It for real tastes like hot chocolate! I also put maca root powder in smoothies and you can’t even taste it! I feel like the maca root powder has been helping my hormones as well.

The next one I drink instead of coffee is a London Fog – I use the Earl Grey black tea (it has some caffeine in it, but not as much as coffee), make sure the water is hot, let the tea bag sit for awhile, take the tea bag out, add almond milk to the Earl Grey tea, and add cinnamon to it – it’s so good!

Those are the three drinks I have been drinking now instead of drinking coffee and I honestly don’t miss coffee at all! To be honest, I was hooked on “coffee milk” (has coffee, milk, and sugar in it) at such a young age like maybe when I was 8 or 10 years old! So yeah, I do have a history with coffee and it has gotten out of hand, especially since I have been in college now.

I challenge you to attempt to quit coffee for a week and try drinking one of these three drinks I mentioned to replace your coffee – it can be difficult at first, but I know you can do it!

So, there is a reason why I have now decided to go see a Naturopath – if you don’t know what a Naturopath is, it’s a type of Doctor who helps patients with their health by doing it naturally, without using prescription medicines. The one I’m looking at, they specialize in balancing hormones without using birth control and I’m going to see if this helps me.

I decided to do this because last Monday was horrible – it was my first day of my time of the month and guess what? I vomited again and it wasn’t just one time, it was several. I felt weak to the point all I wanted to do was lie down in bed and everything was going dim once again. My cramps were painful and Monday was supposed to be such an important day for me. I had to go to an Elementary for a class and I couldn’t make it that day because of how horrible I felt. What I experienced last Monday was similiar to what happened to me in July and I discuss it in the first blog post of this series. I felt so terrible and sad that I had to miss my class – I always make it to class no matter what and I barely even miss one class day.

I ended up messaging my Endocrinologist because I wanted to let him know what happened, since he specializes in hormones and I feel like my hormones have something to do with as to why I feel so horrible at times to the point I throw up on the first day. A day later, I received a message from someone who wasn’t even my Endocrinologist saying that I should talk to my womens doctor about that. My Endocrinologist hasn’t even responded to my blood test results or have said whether or not I need an ultrasound done on my ovaries or adrenal glands. Plus, I already know what my womens doctor is going to tell me, “You need to go on birth control because that’s the only option.”

At this point, I don’t know what is going on with my hormones and why this keeps on happening. Right then, I knew I needed to look at other options because I have feeling that something is wrong. I knew I needed to help me feel better because I don’t want to have to miss a class during the next semester and I’m so thankful that this happened towards the end of the semester.

Yes, I will be seeing a Naturopath Doctor soon and I am praying that this Doctor will actually help me. I hope we find the root cause of the problem and find something that will help balance out my hormones, and make me feel better.

If by seeing a Naturopath helps me (praying so hard that it does), I will tell y’all about my experience.

I am doing this for the ones who get told that birth control is their only option and that there is nothing out there that will help balance your hormones.

I am doing this for the ones who feel so lost and sad because they don’t know what else to do, other than be put on birth control.

I’m doing this for the ones who just do what their Doctor tells them and who truly believes that birth control is their only option, and that it will solve all of their problems. Then, turns out, it only makes things worse for them.

I want to find a way that helps balance out hormones naturally and without having to use synthetic hormones. I don’t want my cycle to be messed up or to not come at all because it still comes every month. I don’t want my mental health to be crazier than it already is. I basically talk about how birth control can impact you in this blog post.

Lastly, I’m doing this for those who do want to balance their hormones naturally, but don’t know where to start or who to go to.

I’m also doing this for myself because again, my body needs me and I need to take action to take care of it. Please look at all of your options before deciding on doing something, especially when it comes to your body and that is what I’m doing by going to a Naturopath. I haven’t ever been to one and so this will be all new to me – it’s another adventure!

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post of me talking about different things instead of focusing only on one topic and it was fun doing it this way!


32 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Coffee, Blood Test Results, and MORE!

      1. It’s all for a testimony!

        Awesome!! I’ve been looking for a reason to put milk in my tea. Sounds weird but I keep reading about people who put milk in their tea and I’ve always wanted to try!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ok so I tried it…. I’m no barista or drink maker lol!!! I added regular milk cause I don’t have almond milk.. I don’t know how much cinnamon goes in it but I couldn’t get enough in it… But I think I got the jist of what you’re talking about.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok, I’ve made progress! Tonight I added whip cream and cinnamon and this drink is 🥰

    It’s not Starbucks but I’m getting better 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!! Much better this time! Whip cream gave it the creamy sweet that really complements the tea. Cinnamon gave it a nice kick. I’m sure it needs more sweetener and that’s probably where the honey will bring it all home!

        Thank you sharing the drink and ideas!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad to hear that!🙌🏻 The honey will probably do that because it adds sweetness to it! You’re welcome! It’s an alternative to coffee for me, even though there is some caffeine in the drink and I can say that I can live without drinking coffee every morning because of that drink!👏🏻☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s awesome Kylie! I had probably 5? 6? Cups today… I think I need an alternative too.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I just made some for my wife and she said it was the best thing I’ve ever made for her!!

        You rock middle sissy!!

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