If you don’t think your words matter or have the potential to make someone feel bad, you’re wrong.

You never know the last time you will ever speak to someone. What if you said something hurtful to someone and something happened to them the next day? Would you regret the things you said to them? How would you feel if someone said something hurtful to you?

We need to start using our words for the better and actually think before we speak – cliche`, I know, but it’s true!

I’m nowhere near being perfect and I, too, need to work on this and I think we all need to.

Instead of bringing people down all the time or making people mad, we should use our words for the better.

Why can’t we compliment someone daily about something you like about them?

Why can’t we be more positive and uplift others with our words?

Why can’t we be there for someone to just listen to them and tell them that they matter, and they aren’t alone?

Instead of commenting something negative on social media, why can’t we think of something positive to say?

Our words impact everyone around us.

There are people out there who have stopped doing something a certain way or don’t like a feature that they have because of a mean comment someone once told them. The comment stays with them forever. Do you still think that your words are useless?

There are people who even say that when they receive a compliment from someone, it literally makes their entire week and they won’t ever forget how someone made them feel.

Our words can even impact someone else’s mental state of mind and it’s not good at all. The way we treat people also stays with someone too because again, we always remember how someone has once made us feel.

It’s also the same that goes for writing – we need to uplift others with whatever where writing and our goal should never be to bring someone down.

Take advantage of your words and use them for the better.

Truly think before you say something and ask yourself if what you’re about to say will have potential to hurt someone or not. That’s something to think about.

Were you ever in a situation where you decided to use your words to make someone feel better instead of trying to bring them down?

Always remember: your words do matter and they can easily impact someone – for the worse or for the better, choose to uplift someone instead! You never know what someone might be going through, so choose kind words over hurtful ones.

When you find the time, please listen to “Because of You” by Danny Gokey.

It’s amazing how the simple ordinary suddenly is upside down
I can’t find the words, but everything is different
Yeah, You came and changed my world around

And what do I say to try to explain?

It’s like the stars in the sky even shine a little brighter
I’m blazing like a fire because of You
I’m awake, I’m alive, held inside Your love forever
The good keeps getting better because of You

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Your words matter, use them for the better.”


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