Have you ever judged someone for doing something you really don’t agree with? What if the person is going through something that you are clueless about, which causes them to do whatever they are doing? We honestly don’t know what every single person is going through on the inside and we don’t know what all satan is telling them.

It would be so simple to understand what someone is going through if only we could see an icon above their head that tells us what the person is battling with.

If we were able to see that, I think we would be more understanding of everyone around us. We would know exactly what someone is going through and I don’t even think we would get mad or upset at the person; we would love on them and tell them that they are going to be ok, that God loves them.

We all go through something no one knows about.

I wish we were able to see what people are going through on the inside because then, we would be able to give them the help they need. Since we aren’t able to, we need to try our best to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

If you were to see me a few years ago, you would notice that my body doesn’t look the same compared to how it is now because I lost a lot of weight. You would probably wonder how I lost weight and what I did to lose it. You would be curious, right? What if I told you that it was because of the trauma that came with me being in a car accident that led me to workout? I felt so much pain internally and I just wanted all of it to go away. One day, I decided to do something about it. I started to workout while listening to Christian music. I had no idea that I was going to lose all of this weight and I didn’t realize it until I started taking progress pictures.

You see, there is always a reason behind why someone does something and most of the times, we’re not able to see the reason clearly because it’s held behind closed doors.

We tend to quickly judge someone without even knowing what they have been through or are currently going through. We all need some love, a hug, someone to listen to us, and be there. We need to be that person for someone.

If no one has told you this before, I want you to know that you matter and God created you for a reason. You do have a purpose in this world. God loves you so much.

We all need to think about what might be causing someone to act out, be angry, mad, anxious, whatever there is, there is always a story behind why they are that way. Remember that.

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and burst their bonds apart. -Psalm 107:13-14

When you find the time, please listen to “Love Will Take You Places” by Danny Gokey.

It’ll stop you right in your tracks
Take a breath and change your path
Two roads you thought you’d never go down
Through highs and lows and endless nights
Through fire and darkness and to the light
Bring you to your knees, take your feet right off the ground
Once it takes hold, it won’t let you go
But it always sets you free

Love will stand in the place of the one who’s guilty
Gives a voice to those who can’t speak
Take a bullet, take the fall
Walk on water, make a part
Breathe in lovin’ to a broken heart
When you love it, turn the pages
Love will take you places

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Let’s pray to be more understanding because we never know what someone is going through on the inside.


6 thoughts on “Being Understanding

  1. Amen! This is SO true. And sadly to see how we treat each other as brothers & sisters in the Lord. I think that’s many in result fall away from the faith too as well. We need to reflect the character of Christ to both the lost and to those who are found. This is where the greatest commandment given by God to us comes in to love Him with our whole, heart, mind, soul & strength, love your neighbor as yourself. If we proclaim to love God who we have not seen but hate our brothers/sisters who we see then we are not of Him and we do not love/Him for God is love. Very thought provoking message to all. Blessings & more grace! ❤


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