A few weeks ago, I had to do something that I haven’t ever done before and I was kinda nervous/scared.

I have known about doing this since November and once Christmas break started, it was all I could think about. To be honest, I didn’t have a “break” from school because I was studying almost every day and I couldn’t just enjoy Christmas like everyone else or even New Year’s.

On January 15, 2020, was the day my faith was tested. On that day, I took one of the two certification exams I have to take to become a certified teacher in the state of Texas.

The day before my test, January 14, I spent the night at my MawMaw’s and PawPaw’s house because I knew I needed a good night sleep for my test, I didn’t want any distractions! We prayed the rosary before I went to sleep and it was the most peaceful thing, I knew for sure that God was going to be by my side when I take my test.

It was the morning of January 15, 2020, before I went to go take my test, I prayed a prayer that is so special to me. It has always been special to me ever since I prayed it on the day I was in a car accident in 2018. When I prayed the prayer on that day, I had no clue what was going to happen. I was actually praying the prayer to help me pass one of my biology tests at the time, and do you know what? I did! I believe the prayer I’m about to show you is so powerful and I have seen the prayer create miracles in my life.

I prayed to St. Anthony, He is the Saint of Miracles, and he also helps us find something we lost. Trust me, he will always find what you’re looking for, you just need to keep on praying to him, and explicitly ask him to help you find whatever it is.

I believe St. Anthony helped save me when I was in a car accident in 2018 because like I said, on that day I prayed it without even knowing what all would be happening. I just knew I was going to go to school, take a test, then drive back home. That wasn’t all what had happened.

Anyways, that is why this prayer to St. Anthony is so special to me. This prayer will help anyone, you don’t have to be Catholic to pray it.

I was finally finished with taking one of my certification exams and as I was going back home, I felt like I didn’t do too good on it. I went through the test quickly!

If you didn’t know, I sometimes have testing anxiety. I tend to second guess myself, especially when it all comes down to two answer choices that might be correct, but they both sound like the could be. Has that ever happened to you before? I also have a somewhat bad history with tests. All through Elementary, Middle School, and High School, I struggled with passing the state tests. I would even have to attend tutoring because of it. I even failed the written test to receive my Drivers permit twice, retook it the third time and passed! The same thing happened to me when I took my driving test to receive my drivers license. It was all because I had so much anxiety.

Wednesday night of January 15, 2020, I got so emotional and worried about what if I failed. I cried. Yes, cried. I barely slept that night because I was trying to figure out what career I would want to do if this Elementary teacher thing didn’t work out. I felt lost. I even had a plan B just in case if I failed because it was a long process I had to go through in order for me to be cleared to take the actual certification exam. I prayed the prayer to St. Anthony and I finally went to sleep that night. Sidenote: Once I was finished with the test, I didn’t know my score or how many questions I missed. That is why I was so worried and I had to wait until Friday of that same week. Friday, y’all. January 17, 2020 at 10PM.

It was Thursday night and I again prayed the prayer to St. Anthony. This night was different. I didn’t have that much anxiety compared to the previous night, but I was trying to figure out which questions I might have missed just so I would get an idea if I passed or failed! I also prayed to God. I told Him all of my worries, I cried out for Him to help me. I told Him how much I deserved it. I deserved this, especially with all God has put me through the last 6 months of 2019, I knew in my heart I deserved to pass. I am thankful for this entire journey of taking care of my health, it has just been a lot of obstacles, but I am stronger because of it.

While I was talking to God, I heard this small little voice say, “Kylie, you passed” repeatedly. The voice kept on telling me that I passed and I didn’t know exactly how to respond. I ended up taking God’s word for it and I took my mind off of everything once Friday, January 17, came. I had dinner at my MawMaw’s and PawPaw’s house. My MawMaw was so sure that my results would come in early, she wasn’t wrong! It was around 8 PM, I received a notification saying that my results were in. No one knew that they were here already, so I took a look for myself.

I saw the word…


I couldn’t believe it, I passed it! The small voice was right, I believe the voice was from God.

That night was such a special moment that I shared with my family.

Now, I have one more exam that I need to pass in order for me to become a certified teacher, so I’m almost there!

I also prayed to St. Anthony on Friday and you better believe that I was counting down to every hour that passed because I wanted all this worrying to go away! I felt so relieved once I found out I passed!

Here is something that also helped me get through these three longggg days…

I write so messy when I have so many thoughts coming at me all at once, so please don’t focus on that or the things I crossed out!

Way before I created this blog, I would only write the Kylie’s Corners for the church bulletin for my church. I would sit down, grab my journal, put Christian music on, and started to write. I wrote the Kylie’s Corners down on paper, typed it, and sent it to the church secretary so she could put it in the church bulletin.

I don’t know what made me thought of doing this, but I opened up my journal that is filled from the Kylie’s Corners from the past years and started reading them.

The one in the picture above gave me peace and so much inspiration. Even though I am the one who writes the Kylie’s Corners, they inspire me too, especially when I’m going through a hard time with something. My words helped me to keep on thinking positively and made me realize that whatever happens, happens. I told myself if I failed, I would do whatever it takes to pass it. If I passed, I would be so thankful because I know that hard work always pays off no matter what!

If you’re struggling with something right now or feel like you can’t keep going, God is working so hard behind the scenes. He will bless you with whatever it is when the time is right. Keep on persevering no matter how difficult it might be, it will all be worth it!

Something might seem so huge for you, but it’s nothing when it comes to God.

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“Stay strong and persevere. You have no idea about all of the blessings God has for you.”


7 thoughts on ““You Passed!”

  1. Kylie, you know I love and support you. But I have to tell you that praying to a Saint is the same as praying to me. We must pray to Jesus because He is the only advocate we have with the Father.

    I hope I haven’t made you mad.

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    1. You didn’t make me mad, we all have different perspectives about things! In the St. Anthony Prayer, it says how he will tell Jesus whatever it is we’re praying for. Most of my family is Catholic and I have been a Catholic ever since I was baptized in the Catholic Church. When I got confirmed (kinda like being a full Catholic), we picked a Saint to be our name and it was a process to get confirmed, but our Saint name stayed with us through the entire process and on the day we got confirmed. When I was little, I don’t think I even prayed to a Saint to help me, but after I prayed the St. Anthony Prayer on the day I was in a car accident, I have been convinced that St. Anthony does help and creates miracles, only on God’s time. We all have different opinions, so thank you for not being afraid to express yours, John!☺️

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      1. I’m seriously not trying to offend you. But show you what the Bible says. A saint in the New Testament means one who is blameless. And that’s basically a Christian. One who is led and devoted to Christ by daily denying themselves and taking up their crosses and following Him. Religions have made them out to be more than they really are. We don’t have to have a Saint to pray to because that’s what Jesus’s job is. We pray to Him and He advocates to the Father. If we’re praying to a Saint then we don’t need Jesus.

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