At the end of this blog post, I said, “something might seem so huge for you, but it’s nothing when it comes to God.”

It doesn’t mean that God views our wants as nothing as if it doesn’t matter to Him. It does matter. What I’m saying is that God notices when you work so hard for something that you want to become true. God hears your prayers and He knows when something happens even before it happens. Our problems are so easy for God to fix.

For instance, when I was worrying about if I passed my certification exam or not, that situation was important to me and was a huge deal. God goes behind the scenes to create a miracle for us. He either wants us to wait and try again, or he lets whatever it is happen because He knows how much we have prayed for it and worked towards it.

I always tell myself if I fail at something, it is just God’s way of telling me that I need to work harder even more than before and to trust Him completely this time. Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why God wants you to try again. When you fail at something, it’s not a bad thing because you’re going to learn from your mistakes, and grow even more than before as an individual.

I love the quote by Mother Teresa. God goes out of our way to do everything He can to help us and whether something is a small thing to you, God still does the “impossible” because He loves you. All of our worries and fears matter to Him because again, He loves us. Even when He makes us wait for a prayer to be answered, He wants us to trust Him completely.

Everything about us matters to God. You matter. Yes, you.

Keep on persevering and don’t ever give up. You’re so close to reaching your dreams.

When you find the time, please listen to “Out Of My Hands” by Jeremy Camp.

So, when it feels like all of this pain is never gonna end
Brought to my knees by all of these things
I don’t understand, don’t understand
I will let the weight of my fear fall like sand
Out of my hands and into Yours
Out of my hands and into Yours

Letting go of worries I can’t measure
Holding onto truth that’s healing me
Knowing I can trust You is a treasure
With eyes wide open now I finally see

It’s here that I find my life was never mine at all
You’re still the one inside always in control

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Nothing is too big for God to handle. Nothing is too small for Him to notice.


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