So many things have been happening in the United States.

This post isn’t going to be about where my political views stand – I honestly don’t think I have ever written a blog post about “which side I’m on” and I’m not going to reveal that. I’m also not going to push my views and try to make you think the same way I do – we all have different opinions.

I was looking for quotes about being one nation because it feels like we are a divided nation – you know, there are two sides. I found this quote from Ben Carson and I haven’t thought about the United States that way. The first word in United States is united, which means being together as one. Each state in the United States fits together like a puzzle. Why are we so divided?

I have thought about something so deep. What is going to happen to us in the future? There are older people who understand history and they have so much wisdom than my generation. Of course, the longer you live, the more wisdom you have because you learn from your mistakes and you know what is right from wrong. What if the older generations all leave the world one day and they are no longer here on earth? What will happen to the United States? To be brutally honest, my generation and the generations after me, believe whatever the media tells them and it is sad.

I believe we need to be educated in History. When we think of learning history, we automatically think it is boring. Maybe you even had thoughts in your head asking yourself why do we even need to know these events or how it is relevant. We need to make history fun and not boring. History isn’t memorizing all the facts and events that happened in the past; it needs to be so much more than that. If we don’t know what all is going on in the world or know what happened in the past, we are going to be taken advantage of. The world is going to be so much worse than it is today if my generation doesn’t do their own research and actually educate themselves instead of only going by what all the media are saying. If we don’t educate ourselves, we’re not going to know what is right from wrong and we will always with whatever someone says without even thinking about it. We cannot let this happen.

Even just thinking about how my generation will be in control one day makes me so sick to my stomach. We must do better. I pray that my generation and the generations to come will not let the United States be the “Divided States.” We are so much better than that. I wish the two sides were not a thing because I know that is what is keeping us from being united. We are divided right now and I don’t understand why we are so against each other. We all need to have this same one goal for America: we need to come together as one and fight for each other. We need to come together no matter our differences, policial beliefs, religion, skin color, appearances, and how we express ourselves.

We need to do this.

We need to save the United States before it gets so much worse than it already is.

We need peace.

We need understanding.

We need to stop all the yelling and fighting towards one another.

We need to be heard.

We need to fight for what is right.

We need to be more educated.

We need to be aware of what is going on in the world.

We need to be one voice.

We need to take a stand.

It’s time to be the United States again.

No matter what happens to the United States in the future, God will always keep us safe.

We’re ‘One Nation Under God.’

When you find the time, please listen to “Safe” by Neon Feathers.

If you call me on the water
I won’t hesitate at all
Cause even if I stumble
You will catch me when I fall
Cause everywhere I go You surround me
And every step, You go before
Even through the pain You remind me
That every victory is Yours

No weapon formed
No raging storm could overwhelm You
No politics
No government could overthrow You

I know I’ll be safe with You
You are my strongest defender
Nothing can stand against You

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We need to be the United States and not the Divided States. We must do better.


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