If you’re new here, I have done a series that leads up to finding out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I go through everything – from explaining what my body has been through that led me to take action by going to the Doctor because I felt like something was totally off with my hormones; I was right. I talk about several rounds of blood test results, my thoughts on birth control, getting adjustments and acupuncture done, and seeing another chiropractor who is also a dietition. You can read the first blog post of the series here.

What I’m going to talk to y’all today is about my results from the SpectraCell test that I did back in January. I explain this in the last blog post I did about my first appointment with meeting the chiropractor/dietitian and how I felt like he was going to help me with my PCOS; he still is going to do that.

The test results I got back was much more detailed than the other blood test results I have gotten from the general hospital. The results did take a lot longer because they let my blood sit in a petridish for about three weeks before they tested it.

I was surprised when I found out I was deficient in several vitamins – Asparagine (amino acid), Oleic Acid (amino acid), Carnitine (amino acid), Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and CoenzymeQ10. The levels of these aren’t that low below the average range like the Coenzyme Q10, mine is at 82 and it should be greater than 86. My magnesium is at 36 and it needed to be greater than 37. All of what I listed are like that where I’m so close to the average range, but it’s still deficient.

My antioxidants were also kinda low and even my immune system was too. I was surprised by that because I hardly ever get sick like I don’t remember the last time I was sick! I also learned that I’m not insulin resistance because I was in the normal range and some women who have PCOS are insulin resistance where their body doesn’t respond to insulin that well, which they have a chance of getting diabetes.

The results also gave me a list of foods that I need to be eating to help with all my deficiencies and I will also be taking three different supplements – CoQ10, Osteovation (has several vitamins that I need in 1 capsule), and a probiotic.

This will probably be the last update I do for awhile because it takes about 6 months to determine if these supplements are helping or not. Side note: It’s February 14, 2020 as I’m writing this and I haven’t started taking these supplements just yet.

Update: I started taking the supplements on February 16, 2020, so we will see if this helps me.

The number 1 supplement I was looking forward to taking was the inositol. Surprisingly, my inositol was in the normal range, so I won’t be taking that. From the start, I knew that I couldn’t place these expectations for myself in my mind because sometimes things goes differently than what you have expected. That has happened to me throughout this entire health journey like after every Doctor appointment, I would be left disappointed because it just wasn’t how I expected things to go.

Sometimes I feel like y’all are probably over with me talking about my health on here and maybe think that it’s boring or that none of this pertains to you. I do this to spread awareness because I don’t know about y’all, but I never once learned about what PCOS was in school, especially in health class. I didn’t even know that it could cause facial hair, acne, painful periods, lack of energy, insomia, anxiety, depression, etc., until I started researching my own symptoms and it led me to PCOS every time – that was before I got diagnosed with it. I even thought to myself, “No, that can’t be it. It just can’t be.” I also thought maybe my Endocrinologist misdiagnosed me, but he didn’t because the chiropractor who is also a dietitian told me that my test results from the SpectraCell test were even similar to his other patients that have PCOS. He even confirmed it.

I also want to give other women hope that it is possible to help your body without taking birth control. That was the only option my Endocrinologist gave me and he did say that was the only thing he could do. I felt lost and I didn’t know what to do. I knew I needed to help my body somehow, but I didn’t know where to start. I obviously don’t feel that way anymore and I’m sooo thankful I’m getting the help I need! I don’t want other women to feel the same way I felt because it did lead me into depression. I do know that what works for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. I don’t know if these supplements will help my body, but I’m giving them a chance and I will of course update y’all on what happens.

Here are my goals that I’m hoping to achieve with these supplements:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Help me to have more motivation/energy
  3. Help me sleep better (it’s so hard for me to go to sleep and to stay asleep)
  4. For sure lower my DHEA-S
  5. Clear up acne
  6. Help me to be more positive
  7. Reduce my anxiety

Thank y’all so much for following me along in this journey with me. I hope this blog post was informative for some of you. If you’re reading this and you’re having problems with your hormones or anything hormonal related, your first step should be for sure going to the doctor and asking if you can get all your hormones tested just to be sure everything is alright. I want you to know that you’re not alone and if you don’t want to take birth control or want to make your body go through that, guess what? You don’t have to and you have the right to say no. Always, always do what is best for you body no matter what anyone says or thinks about what you should do. Lastly, have an open-mind about things and expect the unexpected because you never know how things will go or turn out, just keep on going with the flow!

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        Honestly though, I’ve never heard of PCOS before you. So raising awareness is pretty needed. Because I’m sure you’re not the only woman in the blog world to have it.

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