Life is precious and most of the time, we take it for granted.

In Wednesday’s blog post, I basically write an open letter to the girl I used to be two years ago. In this letter, my present self was telling my past self everything that would happen and I told her to not give up, along with many other things. I encourage y’all to read it. In some point of the open letter, I say that since being in a car accident two years ago, I cherish every single day that God gives me.

Life is such a blessing and we tend to forget that we’re not going to be here forever. Life can be taken away from us in a flash.

There are people who pass away from car accidents every day and there have been times where I’m thinking, “Why did God save me? Why didn’t He save those other people who got their lives taken away from them so soon??” I just don’t understand, but the thing is, I need to stop questioning God. I know I’m not the only one who does this. I truly am thankful to be here with all of you.

God showed me that just being alive and healthy are blessings that we don’t even notice that they are until something happens. It’s true if you think about it.

As you are reading this post, put your hand over your heart. Do you feel that? Your heart is beating, you are alive and breathing. That is such a huge blessing, too!

There are people in the hospital right now who are on the verge of passing away and others who have been given a lifespan of how long they might be able to live. I know I have talked about dying, the what ifs, why you shouldn’t waste time, and to tell those you love them in the recent blog posts on here. It’s because I’m realizing how short life really is and time is flying by so fast. It’s March already, we are getting ready for Easter, and it feels like we just celebrated Christmas not too long ago!! Does anyone else feel the same way?

Life can be difficult at times and God challenges us with obstacles all the time, but even when things get difficult, we need to be thankful that God has given us a brand new day to live. Each new day is such a blessing that we all take for granted. A new day is never promised and we tend to forget that, too.

Live today as if it’s your last and if you haven’t already, please thank God for giving you another day.

If you are breathing right now, that is a blessing.

If you don’t have any health concerns right now, that is a blessing.

If you are able to move your body by working out, that is a blessing.

There are so many things around us that are blessings and we need to cherish each one.

Lastly, we need to cherish the life we are living right now because we don’t know when it will be our last.

When you find the time, please listen to “Alive and Breathing” by Matt Maher.

Joy still comes in the morning
Hope still walks with the hurting
If you’re still alive and breathing
Praise the Lord
Don’t stop dancing and dreaming
There’s still Good News worth repeating
So lift your head and keep singing
Praise the Lord

Let everything, let everything, let everything
Praise the Lord
In the working, in the waiting
Praise the Lord
In the blessing, in the breaking
Praise the Lord
In the dying, the rising
Let it praise the Lord
Let it praise the Lord
Praise the Lord

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“Waking up to see another day is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted. Make it count and be happy that you’re alive.”


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