In your past, you probably have went through a lot that made you who you are today and how you’re so thankful for those moments in your life because you wouldn’t be the same person without them.

I know I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for everything I went through in my past.

I used to be this “shy,” quiet girl who would barely talk.

I would constantly be asked these questions in Elementary – “Why don’t you talk?” or when I would actually say something, my classmates would say, “Oh, she talked! She can talk now!” I didn’t like people pointing out that because they didn’t know what all was going on in my life at the time.

I was afraid to use my voice. I thought that what I said didn’t even matter. I would let people walk all over me and I would still stay silent. I didn’t want to be yelled at or being told that my opinion doesn’t matter, so I was quiet basically all of Elementary through High School – I’m finally getting better at talking more in my college classes because I don’t feel afraid anymore!

Everything in my past made me strong and because of everything, I have so much empathy for children, especially those who are missing one parent or doesn’t have any parents at all in their life.

I’m thankful that God never left my side and He led me out of the darkness.

I used to believe that people would always leave my life because of me, which that’s not even true. I learned that when someone leaves, it means that God is protecting me from something. I didn’t understand why He did that, but now I know why He did it.

I honestly love my life now and I will never take this life I have for granted; I’m forever so grateful.

When I say that it takes a long time to turn into a butterfly, I mean that growth takes time. What you’re going through right now is shaping you and before you know it, you will be a beautiful butterfly! You will change so much and you will become a much better person because of everything you went through.

Because of my past, I am understanding and kind.

I learned that I needed to be the one who picks myself up again.

I learned that it’s ok to feel alone.

I learned that I needed to be there for myself and to take care of myself.

I learned to not look back on my past because what happened, happened and I’m not going to let it affect the present or even my future.

Because of everything, I found my worth in God and I know that He loves me; He won’t ever leave me.

I love both of my past and present self. The present Kylie still loves the past Kylie. Everything I do today is to make my past self proud because that shy, quiet girl deserved so much more and she had so many dreams, too.

We all deserve to be treated the way we are supposed to be treated and to not accept anything less than what we deserve. Ladies, know your worth! Do not let your past try to control you, you are made new. Cherish the life you have now and thank God for all the blessing He has given you!

Turning into a beautiful butterfly that is one of a kind takes a lot of work and strength, but it is going to be so worth it once you realize how far you have come as an individual – be proud of yourself!!

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a process”

I added a new page to this blog and I encourage all of you to check it out! For those of you who are new here, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in December of 2019. I have been documenting everything that I have been through and experienced – from discussing my symptoms before I knew what was wrong, all the way to what I am doing now to help my body. My goal is to balance my hormones naturally without taking birth control. I want to give other women with PCOS hope that birth control isn’t the only option. All of the details about My PCOS journey Pinterest board can be found here.

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Turning into a beautiful butterfly will take a lot of work, but it is going to be worth it. Growth is a process and you will soon realize how far you have come. You will also soon find your worth in God.


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