When I was in first grade, I remember begging my Mom to straighten my hair for the first day of school, which she did!

I remember straightening my hair starting in sixth grade and in middle school, was when I would straighten my hair every single day.

Then in high school, I started to only straighten my hair whenever I wanted to and I didn’t do it as much as I did when I was in middle school.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about my curly hair…

Let’s start from the beginning! When I was little, I would try to brush out my curls while my hair was wet. I thought if I would be able to brush out my curls, then I would have straight hair. Well, that wasn’t the case!

Ha.. I also thought that if I cut all my curls off, then my hair would be straight!🤦🏼‍♀️

I didn’t like my curly hair because most of my family doesn’t have it and I thought that since barely a few people had curly hair, it was simply ugly; no one wanted curly hair.

I used to think that when I was younger and I even wanted to “fit in.” Yes, I even felt like I didn’t fit in because it seemed like everyone had straight hair except for me.

I felt different and at the time, I didn’t like being different. That’s why I would straighten my hair every single day – I know that wasn’t good for my hair at all and I’m sooo grateful I didn’t lose my curls forever because of that phase in my life!

I still can’t believe I used to straighten my hair every single day and it would take hours to do!

I loved having the best of both words – I could leave my hair curly for some of the days and also have it straight whenever I wanted to have straight hair. I also loved that when my hair was all straight, the length of my hair grew so much because when it’s curly, the curls kinda shrink the length of the hair, so I would have long, straight hair!

I also have never dyed my hair or put highlights in it – this is my natural hair color and when I was little, my hair would be SO blonde, like a light blonde, but as I gotten older, my hair is now a dark strawberry blonde!

Another reason why I didn’t like my curly hair was because I didn’t know how to style it, so it would look good. I sometimes felt like my hair was a huge, frizzy ball of hair because I would just brush it out with a hair brush and that would be it! If you have curly hair, you KNOW that brushing it out with a hair brush causes your hair to be so poofy and that’s why we don’t brush our curly hair because it will just end up being poofy!

I have grown to love my curly hair and it’s honestly my most favorite attribute about myself.

Now, I don’t even own a hair straightener and that should tell you something!

Having curly hair makes you unique and if you’re straighting your hair 24/7 and you have curly hair, please rethink it because one day you might regret it or worse, you could lose your curls forever.

I read something about how if you created something that you were SO proud of and someone critiques it, how would that make you feel? Terrible, am I right? That’s how God feels every time you change something that you were born with. He created you and you just critique his masterpiece that he made. You should always love yourself for how God created you and not just change your appearance like I did when I felt like I didn’t fit in. We’re created to be unique and I truly believe that because we weren’t all born to be the same.

Now, embrace whatever God has given you and tell yourself that you are unique and God has created you so perfectly. There is nothing, nothing wrong with your appearance. Keep on being you and learn to love whatever you are wanting to change about yourself!

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Embrace whatever God has given you and tell yourself that you are unique and God has created you so perfectly.


11 thoughts on “Why I used to hate my curly hair…

  1. I love your hair! I have curls too, but I have to shower daily and work to keep them from becoming a frizzy mess. So sometimes for a break, I straighten my hair so I can skip a few days of washing lol! But honestly, I’ve preferred my curls since high school because it’s so unique 😊

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    1. Aw, thank you Heather! I know the struggle, too – I have to always have my hair all the way wet every morning to style it just so it won’t be frizzy! That’s funny, we do have the best of both worlds!😅 It is and I’m glad you know your curls are unique because they are!☺️

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  2. “We’re created to be unique and I truly believe that because we weren’t all born to be the same.” This is very true! ❤ I agree with you on this. Over the ages society has forced us to be like the girls on the runways and magazine covers, allowing us not to be ourselves and thinking that being some one else is good and attractive when it's not at all. It's called being fake. Thank God now that I'm in Christ I've learnt to love me for who God see's me as! And I am beautiful cause beauty came from God! Great and encouraging message for all women and it can relate to men as well. 🙂 blessings and more grace. 💕✨

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    1. Yes!🙌🏻 I agree with you too, I don’t understand why we let society tell us what is and what’s not ok. Looking back in my childhood, I don’t remember society being the way it is now and I guess because I did my own thing without even worrying about what other thought – that’s how it should always be no matter what; that we know we’re beautiful in God’s eyes! So true and I hope my message encourages everyone to realize that they were created to be unique and not just a copy of someone else. I’m so thankful you know where your beauty comes from! Blessings to you too sis💗

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      1. Amen && Amen!! Yesss!!! Yeah you remember it’s run by the devil so that’s why. That’s right indeed we ought to. But it has to become a part of your mental garden. Add more of His word and it will continue to renew and transform our views and thoughts where this is concerned. ❤ indeed it has already blessed them in Jesus name. Bless God!! 😀 thanks much, you too.

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