Have you ever found yourself being so down and you don’t feel like yourself?

If you have, you probably felt depressed and you told yourself so many negative things – “I hate my life.” “I feel unwanted.” “I feel like something is wrong with me.” “No one wants me in their life.” “I always cause problems.” “Why am I different from everyone else?”

The list can go on.

I even have been in this state before and it’s sooo difficult to get myself to stop having negative thoughts.

We all have been there!

I know life can be difficult at times and things happen that are out of your control; you can’t change the situation, but you can change your mind to think positively. By doing this, it’s going to make you so happy and you won’t always feel the need to look at the negative things in your life. Even though things are difficult in your life, thinking positive will give you hope that things will soon get better and it will also give you faith that God will change the situation you’re in.

I don’t know about you, but I love thinking about my future! The thing about that is that we focus more on the future instead of being grateful for where we are right now. You have always dreamed of this moment and looking forward to it, but now, once you’re here, you’re looking forward to the future.

I have learned that when I am positive, I receive a more positive outcome in my life. Then, if I’m negative all the time, the outcome will be negative and I try my best to get out of that negative headspace; it’s not good for anyone to be in.

What helps me the most with trying my best to be positive is sticky notes! If I want to achieve something, I put “I will _________” For instance, I have two sticky notes in my room; one says that I will get better and the other one says that I will pass my certification exams.

For the first sticky note, I put I will get better because sometimes I feel like my body isn’t improving and how my hormones will never balance out. I know it’s a process, a long one at that, too! Every time I see the the sticky notes that says, “I will get better,” I repeat it to myself because I know eventually, my body will be better.

For the second sticky note, I put how I will pass my certification exams. I wrote this on a sticky note because that’s what I’m working towards during this summer and I’m hoping I will be taking the second certification exam this summer! Honestly, I have testing anxiety and I’m that person who always, always believe that they did horrible on a test, but turns out, I end up doing really well on the test! I even go out of my way to count the questions I’m not sure of to determine if I did do well.

Being positive will definitely make a difference in your life.

If you don’t like your life right now, start telling yourself, “I love my life!” and soon, you will believe it.

If you keep on putting yourself down, tell yourself, “I’m doing the best I can” and make sure you take it day by day – it will help you.

Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Write it down on a sticky note, place it where you can see it every day, and repeat it to yourself every time you see it.

Your life will get better, you got to believe it.

You will pass that test, you got to believe it.

You will achieve your dreams, you got to believe it.

You will get better, you got to believe it.

God is going to take care of you, you got to believe it.

God loves you, you got to believe it.

Things will soon be better for you and while you wait, keep on thinking positive thoughts and you will start to see your life transform into something better. You will be happy. You will love your life. It’s going to be ok, I promise.

Please be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

When you find the time, please listen to “I Am Loved” by Mack Brock.

There is no disappointment in Your eyes
There is no shame there is only pride
I am loved
Father, I’m loved by You

So unreserved
Your heart for me
My fear is gone
I am set free
There’s nothing to hide
There’s nothing to measure
‘Cause I am Your child
And that’s all that matters

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Always be kind to yourself; your thoughts shape your life.


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