When you feel like you’re in a dark hole, it feels like no matter how hard you try or what you do, you can never get yourself out of it.

As you’re in this dark hole, you don’t feel like yourself.

You start to think that you’re going to be in this dark hole forever and nothing will ever change that.

You want to get out of the hole, but you don’t know how.

It’s difficult to get out of that mindset.

You feel stuck.

You feel like no one is here for you and that no one will ever understand what you’re going through.

You also don’t feel like talking about it to anyone because you don’t want to be a burden.

Feeling like you are in a dark hole and all you see is darkness all around you, has an impact on your mental health.

Maybe you feel like being in bed for the entire day because you have absolutely no motivation to take care of yourself.

Maybe all you want to do is just cry it out.

Maybe you want to forget everything that is happening around you by bingeing a show on Netflix.

Maybe you’re to the point where you literally have to make yourself eat, even when you don’t feel like eating.

Maybe you only eat breakfast for the day and that’s it. Then, you decide to eat something when it’s late at night.

It’s so hard to get out of the dark hole.

Your thoughts are everywhere.

You feel so depressed.

But, you have hope that your life is going to get better.

You have hope that it’s not going to be like this forever.

You have hope for better days and you cannot wait to be filled with joy in your life.

While you wait, you lean on God more than ever before.

You believe that He is going to take care of you and you have faith that He will bring you out of this dark hole you’re in.

You have hope that the light in your life will soon return.

You have hope that you will be back to being your happy self.

When you fall, you will always bring yourself back up again.

It takes time.

God always has a reason behind why we have these dark moments in our life.

We may feel like we’re all alone and no one is here for us, but the truth is, God is right by our side through it all.

He’s there when all you want to do is be in bed.

He’s there when your bed is sopping wet from crying so much. He has counted every single tear you have cried.

God knows exactly what you want and what you have prayed for.

God is going to take the darkness you’re in and turn it into light.

Please don’t give up.

Things in your life are going to get better soon and God will be there with you every step of the way.

I know you may feel like it’s not going to get better and how there’s not a way to get out of the dark hole you’re in.

There is a way with God; nothing is impossible with Him.

Trust God that He will get through whatever it is that you’re going through.

Talk to Him and tell Him everything.

When I felt like this, I knew I had to do something about it. I realized that I needed to keep my eyes on God and He will take care of me.

I have implemented three different things to help me get out of the mindset I was in and I mentioned them in this blog post. I pray you find one of them that helps you get out of this dark hole you’re in.

Everything is going to be okay, God is going to take care of you. I hope you find rest in that.

She confidently trusts the Lord to take care of her. -Psalm 112:7

When you find the time, please listen to “I’ll Be Okay” by Lydia Laird.

“Give me peace when I am tossed and frightened
Lost among the waves
Give me hope when I am doubt and fears are
Clouding up my faith
Would You come and move the mountains
‘Cause I’m too weak to climb
Promise that You’re with me in this fight

I can hear the thunder, but I’m okay
‘Cause You’re with me
I know You will cover me, I’ll be safe
‘Cause You’re with me
I’ll be okay
I’ll be okay
I’ll be okay
I’ll be okay”

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Everything is going to be okay. God is going to take care of you. I hope you find rest in that.


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