If you’re just now discovering this Bible Study, you can still join me by reading day 1 first!

We are on day 3 today and we have two more days to go until we are finished with the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Devotions From Time of Grace on the Bible App!

The devotion for day 3 is all about mirrors robbing our self-confidence and keeping our eyes on Jesus!

Before reading the devotion, I read the title, “No mirrors in church” and knew this was about to get good!

When we look at a mirror, we immediately notice our self-reflection and begin to talk ourselves down. Have you done that before?

Maybe you automatically notice you’re having a bad hair day or that your makeup looks awful.

Maybe you tell your body terrible things and wishing that you looked like someone else you follow on social media.

Maybe you notice your imperfections and begin thinking that you will always have acne no matter what you do.

Maybe you don’t like the clothes you are wearing.

The list can honestly go on forever!

It’s sad that there are women who constantly tear themselves down just from looking at their own reflection in a mirror.

If mirrors didn’t exist, I doubt we would have these insecurities because we wouldn’t be able to see our own reflection!

You need to start being kind to your body and let the insecurities go – give every single one to God and let it go!!

I challenge you every single day to think about one kind thing you love about yourself or your body – come on, there is at least one thing you love about yourself and hopefully you have more than just one!

If someone hasn’t told you this already, you’re so beautiful in God’s eyes and there’s no flaw in you!

Today’s devotion also talks about how there is literally not one mirror in church! Why do you think that is?

When we are in church, we put all of our focus on Jesus to the point we forget about what people are doing around us and what ourselves are doing. We aren’t thinking about people looking at us and judging us for whatever reason. We aren’t focused on our insecurities, the way we look that day, and we aren’t tearing ourselves down when we are in church focusing on Jesus!

When we focus on Jesus, all our insecurities instantly fade away because we aren’t focused on us anymore.

When we focus on Jesus, all of our worries and anxiety disappears.

When we focus on Jesus instead of looking at our appearance in the mirror, that is when we throw away the lies we tell ourselves in the mirror.

Once you focus on Jesus instead of a mirror, you will soon realize that beauty comes from within and you’re SO beautiful in His eyes.


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