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Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you get one?

For me, I don’t have any and maybe I would get a tiny one – I don’t know because I’m afraid it’s going to hurt so much!

People with tattoos everywhere get judged so much by strangers, even though they have no idea about where this individual is at with Jesus.

You can still have tattoos and be loved so much by Jesus. Our outward appearance isn’t going to stay with us when we are in Heaven, so we honestly need to stop judging other individuals’ outward appearance.

Another thing with tattoos is that they are permanent and they stay on your body forever, even though I think you can somehow get it removed, but I’m not sure!

Day 4 talks about sin and how we can be remade new from it when we come to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness.

Sin isn’t like a tattoo where it stays permanently on you forever.

Your sins can be removed from you through Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t tell you to just sit in your sin and that you will always have it stuck to you like a tattoo.

I love that in the Bible, Jesus changes the disciples because they were sinners and He made each of them find Him – they have Jesus in their heart.

Jesus can do that to us, too.

He can turn a person who is broken and does not know Jesus into being made new again and having a relationship with Him.

I believe that when we go through challenging situations that make us lose ourselves, Jesus finds us right where we are and we will soon find Him.

If you’re feeling so broken and feel like Jesus will never love you again because of your sins, get ready for your testimony because Jesus is going to give you a clean heart and you will soon know why Jesus placed you in the situations you have been in.

Jesus knew that we were all sinners when He died on the cross for us – that is how much he loves all of us, including you!

You will be made new soon. Your breakthrough is coming, please keep holding on for a little bit longer.

Jesus loves you so much.


17 thoughts on “Day 4: Tattoos and Jesus in your heart

  1. I have tats. But one morning the laid it on my heart to turn to my Bible. I opened straight up to Leviticus 19:28. The Lord explained to me that if we’re Christians, we’re not our own. We are/should be entirely His. We should turn to Him for every decision. Including tattoos.

    He humbled me. No more! They’re really expensive anyway lol!

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      1. Lol! Mine have very deep meanings to me. I didn’t want to get them to look sexy or tough, they mean something to me. But I admit my heart wasn’t right when I got them. And sometimes it’s hard not to show them off. Not what they’re there for.

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      2. I say this as a caring brother to my sister, you’re pretty enough! You don’t need “enhancements”!

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  2. I love tattoos but not enough to get one I don’t think I can sit still because my disability and the pain but I recently watched a video on them and even though I don’t have any the guy in the video actually helped me realize that I couldn’t move with my life because I wasn’t letting go of my crush that passed away. So I’m now starting the process of that. I’m not sure how a video about tattoos did that but god does things that don’t make sense all the time!!

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