If you’re new to the Kylie’s Corner & More blog, welcome to the family! Each time we go into a new month, I take the time to thank y’all for all the love y’all give this blog – I truly appreciate every one of you! In these appreciation post, I thank each country y’all have viewed this from in the month that ended, I then recognize some of the sweetest comments I have received during the previous month, and lastly, I do a monthly challenge for the new month!

There are so many of you who are new and I’m thankful for all of the new friendships I have made from the past month! I want this blog to be a place where you can come talk to me no matter what you are going through and I will be here to listen. You’re not alone.

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This is Gabriella and she recently discovered the Kylie’s Corner & More blog just by searching for blogs that talk about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She told me that she was in a PCOS support group and no one was answering her questions, so she went searching for blogs to help her. Right now, no one is giving her the answers she deserves to help her body. She wants to get her bloodwork done for her hormones, but the healthcare system isn’t letting her. I know what it’s like when you feel like no one is helping you when you need help. This is why we need to keep being an advocate for our bodies and demanding help when we feel like nothing is being done. Even the healthcare in the United States pushes women to go on birth contrl because Doctors believe that is the only way to balance out hormones and make everything better – it’s simply a band-aid that only covers up the problem for a short amount of time until you get off of it. Please keep Gabriella in your prayers and that she will get the help she deserves soon! This is honestly the reason why I write every detail about my PCOS journey on this blog because I know it will help those who have it and also spread awareness to those who haven’t ever heard about PCOS.

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Here is the new challenge for this month! And yes, I changed the image for the monthly challenge once again and I love this one better than the image I had for the challenge for July!

This month we are going to focus on doing something that will help keep our eyes on Jesus, Maybe you go back to reading the Bible every morning, a devotional, finding time to talk to Him, etc. Do whatever works for you to help you keep your eyes on Jesus! When we do this, we no longer focus on what is going on in the world and none of that matters to us because we know that what happens, Jesus is right by our side.

Click the image above and it will take you to the survey for choosing which topic and Bible Study we do together for August on the blog! You get to choose from the topics: Hope, Healing, or Wisdom. Then, there are two plans in each topic, so make sure you choose one plan from whichever topic you choose. You will also be voting on the day we start it, so I encourage you to fill out the survey for me please. I can’t wait to see which plan we are going to be doing next on the Bible App!


8 thoughts on “Appreciation Post For All of My Viewers From July

  1. WOW congratulations!! This so amazing and inspirational to see how many continents your blog is in. The fact that people come here looking for one thing and leave with a seed of Jesus planted in them is beautiful. I clicked on the god tag for a little encouragement because I’m the only Christian in my house. I have a friend that is but we’re kind of out growing each other. The first post I saw was your “ what would Jesus think” now I ask myself this every day 😂😂

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    1. Aw, thank you Kiki! I know, it is incredible and it’s all because of Jesus! I’m thankful you discovered this blog and that we have become friends! I know, it has stuck with me too!😅 There will be another Bible Study coming soon for August! It’s incredible how God works✨

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      1. Right!!! He’s really been showing himself to me these past few months cause I was over here frustrated. Sometimes feel like I’m never gonna have a relationship because I’m in a chair and I’m still a virgin. I literally said “God Idk what you’re doing but I’m tired!! Nobody wants a virgin girl who’s gonna want a disabled virgin girl??”

        I get on YouTube minutes later after my outburst and the first video that was on my homepage was from a YouTuber I’ve never seen before who happens to be a 29 year old virgin guy

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      2. Writing everything out helps with that! You’re time is coming and God has someone in mind just for you! There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin, I am one too. Someone will come into your life who appreciates you waiting and they won’t notice any of your flaws. God made you just the way you are for a reason. All of this is in God’s time and you’ll find someone who doesn’t care that you are disabled. I’ll be praying for you that you’ll find someone who is like that and who keeps God first no matter what.✨ See, God works in miraculous ways to speak to us!


  2. I’ve been following your posts recently and I am truly fascinated with some of your works! Keep it up for coming so far and I love how you do an appreciation post for your viewers❤ Very thoughtful😊
    Lots of love❤

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