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Day 3 is mainly all about imperfections and body image.

Man or woman – we all struggle with it.

Society tells women that we have to look a certain way – be thin, perfect hair, a flawless face, and there is even a certain way to put on makeup. The list could go on!

In today’s devotional, the Author was telling about how she struggled with her imperfections.

She mainly struggled with acne on her face.

One day, she had the courage to go without makeup in public when she went somewhere with her husband.

She asked her husband if he noticed anything differently about her appearance and turns out he didn’t even notice that she wasn’t wearing makeup!

I do believe that it is true – we see our flaws clearly because we are the ones living in our body, while others don’t notice them at all. It’s so crazy that people aren’t able to see the things we are insecure about and they see us so differently.

I have done something similar to what the Author did…

Before I was on vitamins and inositol for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I thought about not wearing makeup at church and I did it, but the only makeup I had on was mascara because to be honest, I have the most lightest eyelashes, like they are a light blonde!

Was the whole not wearing face makeup at church uncomfortable? Yes!

It definitely was.

Maybe if I didn’t have acne, I would be ok with going without makeup.

That’s honestly what I have always wanted. I have wanted my face to be clear just so when I don’t want to wear makeup, I can just go without it and not have to worry about the acne that is all over my face.

God has been teaching me that I’m beautiful with acne and all.

Acne is just something that is honestly out of my control, especially since it is because of hormones.

But, I can control the way I see myself and so can you.

Why are we so hard on ourselves when it comes to our appearance?

“Your beauty should that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is great worth in God’s sight.” -1 Peter 3:4

1 Peter 3:4 reminds me that our inner beauty is what matters the most to God.

God doesn’t care about our imperfections and it doesn’t make Him love us any less. We are so beautiful in God’s eyes to the point He see’s no flaw in us.

Do you struggle with body image or your imperfections?

Please do not let society get to you.

Be confident and kind to your body!

You only have one body, so please treat it right.

Who cares about the “beauty standards” in society.

Having acne should not determine your worth.

Having body hair should not determine your worth.

Your body type should not determine your worth.

The type of makeup you own should not determine your worth.

Whether you are tall or short should not determine your worth.

Your thighs should not determine your worth.

Your eyebrows should not determine your worth.

If you have muscles or not, it should not determine your worth.

Your teeth do not determine your worth.

Whatever imperfections you struggle with, it does not determine your worth in God.

God created you just the way you are for a reason and you shouldn’t feel the need to change something about you because of your imperfections or feeling like you don’t “fit in” with society.

God knows your worth and you’re already so perfect in His eyes; that’s what matters the most.


34 thoughts on “Day 3: Body image

  1. Hey sis, I’ve prayed and thought about things and it’s come to the decision to leave the blog world. I might decide to come back much later, but I have to go.

    Just stopping by to say you’re an AWESOME sister! And I seriously think of you as my family! You turn to me and you put up with me lol! That attention has really helped me and thank you for thinking about me that much!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know God is leading you into the right direction no matter what and I’m going to miss you and your blog posts in the blog world!

      I will keep praying for you and thank you for letting me know! And you’re an AWESOME brother!☺️ I think of you as my family too! That’s true, but you’re not difficult! That’s what sisters do and I’ll always be here for you!


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