Have you ever wanted some control over your life and that you don’t have a say in what happens in it?

I know we are all feeling like this more than ever right now.

There are things that we just can’t control – we have to accept it and make the best of it.

If our life was all planned out for us and we knew exactly what would be happening, we wouldn’t grow from the things that happen in our life. Life wouldn’t be a surprise for us because we would already know what was going to happen and when it would happen.

Life is simply a story that has chapters and each chapter is a different season of our life. But… there is one catch!

God is the Author of each of our stories that we call life.

Yes, we make choices in our life that changes it and other times, God doesn’t give us a choice and we have to learn to accept whatever it is we are going through.

When we try to control our own life without thinking about what God wants for us, the life we are living in would just suffer because God wouldn’t be in our life.

As God was creating you, He knew who your parents would be, where you would be living at, your friends, what you would be when you grew up, if you got married or not, the type of family structure you would have, etc. He knew every single detail about your life, even before you were born. You have no idea that He has so many plans in store for you and so much more than you can ever imagine!

Keep on talking to God and telling Him your hopes and dreams – He is listening.

Sometimes God doesn’t give us exactly what we wanted and we seem to be unable to understand the reason why behind it.

Later on, maybe God will answer some of your questions that you have as He reveals another blessing He has given you.

God’s blessings take time to develop because God is working on them and it takes so much patience on our part!

Remember: everything happens for a reason.

We may not know why something happens, but we need to still trust God’s will for us.

God isn’t done with you.

You will soon morph into a beautiful butterfly.

God hasn’t forgotten about you, He see’s you.

He already knows your heart.

He hears your prayers.

It’s going to be ok.

Things take time and patience is a virtue!

God will soon reveal His plan for you and it will be worth the wait.

“God’s not done writing your story.”

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God isn’t done with writing your story.


7 thoughts on “God is the Author of your life

  1. No matter what it looks like or what’s going on, God is in control! One of the things I’ve learned and am learning is to let go of trying to control situations to my desire when the outcome is not in my hands.

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